Our team of translators and project managers is your best ally

We help you manage and execute your multilingual projects, saving you not only the technical work, but also the planning, coordination and quality control.

Oscar’s mission is to take the helm of Ontranslation to make sure it continues to optimise the relationship between “People” and “Knowledge”, as he intended from the outset. No one is better than him at creating networks of contacts that end up being friends. When he needs to rest, you may find him having a pintxo in Bilbao or in the Alpujarra region of Granada.

Marc is an expert in Public Relations and Advertising, so he uses all his talent to ensure that the client is always the centre of Ontranslation. As communicating is his strong suit, Marc manages our various information channels. He also funnels all those skills into his greatest hobby: theatre.

Alex left Galicia, his homeland, and began a pilgrimage of literature and translation studies in various European cities, after which he landed in Barcelona and hit upon Ontranslation. Thanks to his technical profile, Alex ensures the traceability and quality of our projects. He dreams of travelling around the world, but for now, he is part of our crew.

Eva is methodical and precise, which is precisely what any good administrative assistant should be. She’s the white sheep of the family, the exception that through charm in new business and doing things right with the administration confirms the rule that the rest of us should be kept far from the world outside. Baton in hand, this music-lover conducts every millimetre of this orchestra we’ve put together and manages to create a symphony out of what would otherwise only be a garage band. But a good garage band, mind you.

Joana left Menorca to follow the samurai path of applied languages, but that life requires a lot of energy and from time to time she goes back home to fill her suitcase up with ensaimadas. We like that, because she brings us our corresponding tithe, but what we like best is how she ruthlessly translates everything into perfect Catalan. Aside from that, she also shows signs of humanity: she loves to travel, music and playing basketball. And we’re quite sure she can do everything at the same time..

Paula arrived at Ontranslation on one of the long walks she takes in her free time. And since she’s also great at anything to do with the Spanish language and translation technology, here she stayed, in our Project Management Dept. Call us opportunistic, but she’s also a very good amateur photographer and will surely help us freshen up this gallery a bit. Anyway, remember this face. We’ve got a new member of the family.

Arnaud is the stamp collector of Ontranslation, and not just because he dedicates himself to it professionally, but because he enjoys travelling and learning about cultures so much that he accumulates more stamps than even the most compulsive collector. His knowledge of linguistics and translation perfectly complement his passion for culture, although that passion falls short of his love for Olympique de Marseille, Tarantino films and the scores of Ennio Morricone.

Marta says she’s been making plans since 1990. We guess plans to eat as many pepperoni pizzas as she can, because, next to writing, that’s one of her favourite things. But she’s not at Ontranslation to face off in epic duels of carnivores; her efficiency and multilingual perspective on dealing with clients make her an essential part of our Sales Department. Meaning, above all, she’s a really nice person.

Pablo rocks out in the forest, on trails and mountains like an extremely well-bred gnome. When you’re just heading out, he’s already back to pick you up as you cry and beg for this acrobatic torture to stop. And, if that weren’t enough, his love of maps makes him the lord and master of all earthly coordinates. Our own personal GPS tracks every last corner of language to give it his all in our Project Management Department, translating, proofreading and much more, all with the deadly precision of a Bushman hunter.


Edgar es como un camaleón resultón, se adapta a cualquier tipo de situación. Pero, a la vez, le gusta llamar la atención. Puede que esto cree un poco de confusión, pero eso es por culpa de las rimas. El fichaje más joven del Área Comercial aplica todos sus conocimientos en marketing y administración de empresas para dar una nueva perspectiva a nuestra estrategia. Además, es una persona cercana, transparente e independiente. O eso dice él. El caso es que a nosotros nos ha convencido con su carácter decidido. ¿Será por todo lo aprendido? Pero qué arte tenemos, por favor.

Frida left Puerto de Santa María with her degree as a mining engineer, ready to fill the world with holes. But you can’t live on digging alone. In fact, she could get us to do anything with those eyes (or Timón, with her teeth). But that’s a risk we’re willing to take for so much love.

Timón (helm) couldn’t have a better name: he holds his owner’s reigns tight and calls the office to order whenever necessary. Or he tries, because he’s really just a sweetie that spends most of his time supervising us from his spot curled up in the corner. Frida is the only one who can drive him up the wall (and it’s no wonder).


We are not the same,we are different from the rest

  • Because our multidisciplinary vision allows us to focus more on what you need than on what we do.
  • Because we are an organisation open to all kinds of collaborations that feed a great working network where there are solutions for everything.
  • Because we do not hide behind a big corporate logo, we do not renounce our origin as a start-up and we love talking to our customers.


At Ontranslation, everything we do is client-orientated

This is how our team of expert translators, interpreters, linguists, philologists, designers, voice-over artists, programmers and marketing specialists enjoy helping you with your communication projects.


We are a quality translation agency

At Ontranslation translation agency, we have been certified to ISO 9001 quality standards for managing multilingual communication projects since 2015.

As a quality translation agency, we live up to the commitments and operational values that allow us to reach our goal: to continue improving our quality standards and exceed our clients’ expectations.  In the end, the quality of our translation services is the only thing that ensures you are satisfied.

  • The quality management process we apply to all our projects meets international standards and give us total control over the final result.
  • We set quality goals based on the company’s context and strategic management, which are carried out by our project managers and collaborators.
  • We mark specific indicators for every parameter that can be measured and assign them values in line with our quality goals. So nothing gets by us. Measure, measure and measure.
  • We encourage initiative, innovation and creativity. Our department heads are in charge of making the whole team proactive, innovative and creative.
  • We communicate openly internally and encourage responses, so that our clients get the best possible experience.
  • We base our professional relationships on respect for personal dignity, regardless of gender or nationality.



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