The Andalusian variety in La Peste: issues that need clarification

There’s been a commotion lately regarding the use of the Andalusian variety in La Peste, Movistar+’s new show, a large production set in sixteenth century Seville. Many Internet users have criticised the fact that they couldn’t understand the plot, questioned the actors’ diction... At Ontranslation, it’s also been a topic of conversation, we have reflected on the issue and we have [...]

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The importance of translation in the tourism and gastronomic sector

The importance of translation in the tourism and gastronomic sector was emphasized at the end of May, by the Catalan Tourist Board (ACT) presenting a new label: “Gastronomic Speciality in Catalonian Hotel Establishments.” This distinction will allow every establishment of less than 60 rooms that deserve it to boast about their restaurant. ACT clearly wastes no time [...]

The importance of translating restaurant menus (correctly)

Translating restaurant menus, wine lists and, of course, your restaurant’s website, will attract new clients to your business and will help you increase your visibility and improve your image. And you cannot underestimate the power of the Internet today in the decision-making process. Many clients plan their trips in advance, searching in online travel guides, blogs and [...]

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