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I need a translator. The first step of a translation project

I need a translator is the first question people ask themselves when they have to communicate across cultures. But searching for a translator isn’t an easy task. And that’s what a translation agency is for, among other things. Many people could argue that we’re only the middlemen who look for a translator... But they’d be [...]

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A good translation agency that’s cheap and cheerful?

Today we’d like to answer the million dollar question. Is there such a thing as a good translation agency that’s cheap and cheerful? The short answer is yes. Of course, many people might think that translation services aren’t all that cheap. But that’s because they haven’t really thought about everything a professional translation entails. Good translators are [...]

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The 5 advantages of using a translation agency

Managing a translation project isn’t easy. The complexity of its management often requires almost more work than the translation itself. There’s a difference between translating a website, a legal text or a letter to a relative. The variety of situations and areas make using a translation agency advisable, so they take care of all the details [...]

The 3 best translation plugins for WordPress

It makes sense to talk about translation plugins for WordPress since, with almost total certainty, it is the best known CMS in the world. Who hasn’t at least tried to use it to create a website, a blog, etc.? At first glance, WordPress has everything you need to create a completely customized website, but until you [...]