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The proper use of language in online shops: Interview to Jordi Ordóñez

Jordi Ordóñez: a great professional and even better person. What better introduction for this e-commerce consultant and Amazon expert who, with experience and hard work, gets the best results for his clients: key players in online sales. We were lucky enough to get to work with him in the professional translation of his ebook, and [...]

A website translation company: why humans beat machines

When selecting a website translator there is only one effective option. And it’s that your website is translated by a website translation company. However much progress is being made in the field, effective machine translation is still just a dream. Machines can’t pick up the nuances a professional translator can. That’s why the only reliable website [...]

How to translate an article using multilingual SEO

Writing is increasingly popular; nowadays, you need to write to be present on the Internet. Therefore, when looking to internationalise, many people wonder how to translate an article to rank higher on Google. SEO has become necessary and a doorway to potential customers. That’s why company blogs have become indispensable. When it comes to exporting, [...]

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I need a translator. The first step of a translation project

I need a translator is the first question people ask themselves when they have to communicate across cultures. But searching for a translator isn’t an easy task. And that’s what a translation agency is for, among other things. Many people could argue that we’re only the middlemen who look for a translator... But they’d be [...]

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A good translation agency that’s cheap and cheerful?

Today we’d like to answer the million dollar question. Is there such a thing as a good translation agency that’s cheap and cheerful? The short answer is yes. Of course, many people might think that translation services aren’t all that cheap. But that’s because they haven’t really thought about everything a professional translation entails. Good translators are [...]

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