Outsourcing translation services for ecommerce: nothing but the success

At Ontranslation we are aware of the advantages of outsourcing translation services for ecommerce. However, we have witnessed a worrying and increasing trend. Many of our potential customers, ask themselves the following question: “why don’t you hire people who are theoretically bilingual?". They could take care of the translations, international customer service and manage the [...]

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The proper use of language in online shops: Interview to Jordi Ordóñez

Jordi Ordóñez: a great professional and even better person. What better introduction for this e-commerce consultant and Amazon expert who, with experience and hard work, gets the best results for his clients: key players in online sales. We were lucky enough to get to work with him in the professional translation of his ebook, and [...]

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A website translation company: why humans beat machines

When selecting a website translator there is only one effective option. And it’s that your website is translated by a website translation company. However much progress is being made in the field, effective machine translation is still just a dream. Machines can’t pick up the nuances a professional translator can. That’s why the only reliable website [...]

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Retail sector and brand language

The retail sector and the brand language are not very far away. In the retail sector, public image is what matters most, of course. Any company with retail experience knows that it must take special care of its products’ image. We see it every day in marketing: the best packaging, a good design... But many [...]

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The importance of translation in the tourism and gastronomic sector

The importance of translation in the tourism and gastronomic sector was emphasized at the end of May, by the Catalan Tourist Board (ACT) presenting a new label: “Gastronomic Speciality in Catalonian Hotel Establishments.” This distinction will allow every establishment of less than 60 rooms that deserve it to boast about their restaurant. ACT clearly wastes no time [...]

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The 4 advantages of using a translation agency

The 4 advantages of using a translation agency There are many advantages to having a translation agency, since managing a translation project is not an easy task. Often the complexity of its management requires almost more work than translation itself. The variety of situations and areas involved in the translation process makes it advisable to [...]

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The 3 best translation plugins for WordPress

In this post we’re going to show you the 3 best translation plugins for WordPress. But, why do we need them? Well because installing a translation plugin for WordPress in a single environment allows you to manage the translation of your website in a relatively simple way. Keep in mind that we mean plugins that manage human [...]

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Translating PrestaShop can be easy

Translating PrestaShop 1.7 can be easy, and that is one of this CMS’s great advantages, the most used one in Europe to create online shops. The platform offers a very good PrestaShop translation functionality in its back office where you can edit most of the content on your online shop, and not only that, you [...]

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Scientific translation: for real experts

Scientific translation is a complex field in which “anything goes” is more useless than ever. In order to carry out any type of translation, a minimum understanding of the topic is necessary, but this understanding is simply crucial when dealing with scientific translation. Scientific language is very specific and specialised and requires years of study; only a [...]