We have the best allies

We share expertise and experience with specialised partners in fields that complement the services offered through Ontranslation. This way we achieve powerful synergies that allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive service.

We’re so proud to work with them that we don’t mind devoting a whoooooole page of our site to them. These are our partners:


Xoo Studio is a Terrassa-based graphic design studio with the reach of an agency. Silvia and Montse are its heart and soul. Their passion for a job well done and firm commitment to expanding frontiers make us perfect travel companions.


Digital Bakers are the best at preparing cakes that no one can resist, which is probably why they’re the best at online marketing. We’ve been working with them for several years now, with Ana and Julio, and hope to continue for many more, because we’re very glad to have them by our side.

SpeakersLab.es is your agency of presentation experts: it’s that simple. Led by Iván, who could convince anyone of anything if you give him five minutes at the podium, they make presentations a science. Their love of communication has made us great together from the beginning.


Ontraining is… what can we tell you about our cousin?! Ontraining is the communication school that will open the doors to excellence with specific courses in professional communication skills, in any language. We have to say, we share a common goal of breaking down communication barriers. And we’ll continue to strive towards it together.


Meet BCN has been our home from almost the very beginning. Probably the most delightful co-working centre in Barcelona, there’s no doubt that it has the best manager and founder, Isa. A day at work at Meet is a day with the family, so you can imagine how little it takes for us to get out of bed in the morning and get cracking!

These are some of our most noteworthy partners, but it’s far from a restricted club. Any of you can become an Ontranslation partner; you just have to show a clear commitment to communication and the desire to overcome any linguistic and communication barriers that prevent your message from reaching everyone it should. Become our partner and enjoy the best conditions anytime you need our services.

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