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E-commerce Solutions

Ontranslation, your partner on the road to internationalization

E-commerce is by nature the most international of all sectors, allowing you to reach people anywhere in the world. But first you need the services of e-commerce internationalisation professionals to guarantee your success in this venture.

  • Are you going to let languages limit your company’s potential?

  • Are you going to lose a customer that’s one click away from buying your product just because you don’t speak their language?

  • Have you invested in a global infrastructure to sell locally?

  • Don’t have localised customer service for the international market you’ve moved into?

  • Don’t know which keywords will help you position your company in your target market in terms of SEO?

If you really want to make your business as profitable as possible, don’t be the one to put up hurdles in your own path.

Your company is in the cloud, as are your clients. Everyone’s there!

Did you know that 56% of Internet users say they wouldn’t buy a product without a description in their native language? If you move into a specific market, your e-commerce site should be available in the local language. You have to approach your target audience properly in order to take advantage of every sales opportunity. Sure-fire translations, no matter what language you need to translate to or from.

We’re here to help you and we will give you the tools you need to reach millions of buyers online.

Ontranslation guides you on your path to internationalisation:

  • A high-performance, professional team focused on providing you with solutions and value added.

  • Top-quality services, from the most general to the most specific and innovative.

  • An effective, fast and easy work system, because we know how important time is to you.

Break down the mental barriers

Isn’t it great that you can open up a new international branch just by creating a new version of your website? This is how we’re going to help:


A risk-free first approach with minimal investment through a landing page that makes your new contacts feel welcome and an e-mail communication channel that lets them know you care.

  • We’ll adapt your landing page to the language of your new market.
  • And translate the e-mails (ingoing and outgoing) from your new customer service account.

Once you have seen the solidity and profitability of your new market. We’re ready to truly rollout your business.

  • Specialized professionals will adapt your store to any language you request. We’ll translate it all: inter­ face (Drupal, Prestashop and Magento), registration and purchasing processes, catalogue and advertising content.

  • We’ll attend to your new clients. Don’t worry if you don’t understand them, because we do. Whatever channels you open up (e-mail, phone. chat. videoconference), we can provide you with, or help you select. Someone to attend to new clients.

Alongside your process, we can free you from the task of adapting your social media contents to the different languages, cultural settings and online habits of your various target communities

And don’t forget as experts in multilingual communication, we also speak the language of search engines. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to adapt your positioning strategies to other languages.

We’re highly satisfied with the relationship we’ve forged with Ontranslation. We’re more than partners; we’re social partners! We’re particularly happy with their high level of professionalism, diligence, helpfulness and quality. Ontranslation is very fast at addressing our requests and also understand perfectly what we need and what our target audience expects of us.

Sergi , WorldCoo

I like the friendly, quality customer service you provide 😉

We like Ontranslation because of the comfort, ease, friendliness and promptness they offer.

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