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Professional Interpreter Services in Spain

A bad interpreting service is bad business.

  • Are you afraid to go to an international fair in your industry because you’re worried about being able to communicate with visitors?

  • Have you missed opportunities to close large deals because you didn’t speak your listener’s language and didn’t know about their culture?

  • Do you miss half of the information in conferences when you go to the conventions that interest you most?

  • Are you holding an event but you don’t have interpreter, translator or interpreting equipment for the venue?

The opportunities are there, ready for those who are prepared to make the most of them. Don’t be left out because your company can be successful, you just need a professional translation agency to help you build those bridges of communication through spot-on interpreter services.

Did you think there is only one kind of interpreting?

Not really. Each communication context requires a specific professional interpreter and type of interpreting. We can offer all of them:

Simultaneous interpreting, which will allow you to communicate in real time in another language with people who are in meetings, conferences or seminars through the interpreter best qualified to accompany you in that task.

Choose to work with one of our simultaneous interpreters and you will perfectly understand everything that is happening in real-time.

Consecutive interpreting, in which the interpreter will take notes from a speaker who you do not understand in order to translate the contents of the press conference, meeting or negotiation for you later.

Read this post and find out what happened at Nelson Mandela’s funeral because of bad interpretation.

Liaison interpreting, so that people who speak different languages can access public or private services such as hospitals, police stations, schools, immigration offices, etc.

But, what happens if we find ourselves with a bad interpretation service in the National High Court? Read this post and find out why it is important to hire a quality interpretation service.

Patricia Rabal

I needed someone with great urgency, since the wedding was going to be hold in less than 48 hours. The day was perfect, punctuality and impeccable service! Very happy to have found them, and we recommend them 100%!

Let yourself be accompanied by our professional interpreters and you will see that:

  • An interpreter service is not provided by a translation machine, but by a person who works to help people. So treatment will be close and warm, because good communication between both parties is essential.

  • Our interpreters know the language as well as the topic in question, because if the interpreter doesn’t know what you mean, it’s impossible for them to be useful.

  • Interpreters know how to fit in where they are because it is part of their job to adapt to the environment, whether a rigorous institutional event or informal meeting.

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