Linguistic advisory services

The problem isn’t having doubts, it’s not doing anything to clear them up. And when Ontranslation is just a click, e-mail or phone call away, there’s just no excuse.

  • Are you not sure if a word needs an accent or not?
  • Do you need a sample business letter urgently?
  • Would you like to know if that term is used the same way here and in Central America?
  • Are you not sure whether or not a linguistic variant could be seen as rude by your target audience?

Don’t start arguments in your business; let Ontranslation answer your questions, either on a one-off or on-going basis. We offer the best linguistic advisory services, whether on a one-off or on-going basis, with the speed you require. This way you can use your time wisely to get quality service, not waste it going back and forth between wrong answers.

Trust our linguistic advisory service and you will have:

  • Personalised assistance so you can explain exactly the reasons for your doubts and find the most appropriate solution.

  • The agility you need, because it’s of no use if the answer comes when you no longer need it.

  • The accuracy of our specialists. We’re not going to give opinions, but we’ll offer well-reasoned answers.

  • We make sure you don’t get hung up on cultural and linguistic differences, helping you keep your reputation as pristine as you deserve.

As their slogan says, working with Ontranslation “is not the same”, and we’ve experienced this first hand. Over the past years, we’ve sent them many different translations and the experience couldn’t have been better. They’re quick to respond to a request for a quote, the customer service is excellent and, most importantly, the translations are done by professional, specialised translators, so we know we can fully trust the quality of the work they deliver. Ontranslation is undoubtedly a great option if you’re looking for efficient, professional, transparent service.

Isabel , Meet BCN

I’ve been using Ontranslation services for more than three years and I’d do it again!

Ontranslation’s agility of response to my demand has been optimal, as well as the coordination and monitoring of my project.

Gemma, Biocat

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