Voice-over and postproduction

Don’t fool yourself: tacky isn’t viral. Don’t make the mistake of not investing in quality professional voice-over and postproduction services.

  • Would you like to use that corporate video of your brand which is so cool but… it’s in German?

  • Don’t know where to find speakers of different languages to make your podcasts more professional?

  • Are you completely sure that you are using the right words for the labels in your video?

  • Don’t have the resources to do the audio for your video?

When you add the technical complexity of translations to the technical complexity of audio-visuals, the difficulties multiply. So it is more necessary than ever to turn to professionals like us.

So if you are thinking of making the most of our experience, you will see that:

  • You enjoy the security of having a single contact to manage your project, even though there are many more professionals involved.

  • You can boast audio-visual projects with a professional finish, both technically and linguistically.

  • You save time and money by reusing your audio-visual material in different markets regardless of the target language.

  • Make sure that the target audience of the video will be able to identify with the voices and the message you want to convey.

Ontranslation’s agility of response to my demand has been optimal, as well as the coordination and monitoring of my project.

Gemma, Biocat

I’ve been using Ontranslation services for more than three years and I’d do it again!

We like Ontranslation because of the comfort, ease, friendliness and promptness they offer.

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