Translation success stories

There are many translation success stories that have changed our clients’ lives. We’ve selected some of them so their experience can inspire you to take the next step and achieve your commercial goals. Trust Ontranslation!

SEO translation success stories: Collegiate AC


Problem: Collegiate AC needed help to engage with its target audience in Spain. They wanted to promote their luxury student halls and communicate correctly

Solution: We did a SEO translation that focused on the culture and the linguistic variant of the Iberian Peninsula. We used keywords and idioms that are typical of the industry and the brand’s status

Success: After using our services, Collegiate AC has a localised website. It connects with its main users and that allows them to position themselves as one of the leaders in premium student halls

Specialised translation success stories: Jordi Ordóñez


Problem: Jordi Ordoñez had written an ebook about Amazon FBA in Spanish and needed a version for the North American audience that would position itself as well as its Spanish version

Solution: We translated the content and adapted it to the reality and needs of a specialised text on Amazon FBA for American English readers, taking into account the turn of phrases and the style in the Spanish version

Success: The ebook is sold successfully on Amazon and its impact already places our client as one of the leaders in online sales and SEO that specialise in ecommerce and Amazon

Transcreation and technical translation success stories: Textura Interiors


Problem: Textura was already consolidated in the Spanish house linen sector. However, it didn’t have the means to cover the linguistic work involved in its expansion to Portugal

Solution: We provided our technical translation services of product listings and advertising copywriting. Our goal was to create a localised experience for Portuguese consumers

Success: Online sales in Portugal have increased. Its presence in the local market has also increased. And they are one step away from positioning themselves as a benchmark in quality house linen

SEO translation success stories and how to translate an online shop: Intersport


Problem: Intersport wanted to launch a large number of products of a renowned sports brand on its online shop for the Spanish market, so their descriptions had to attract new customers and position itself well on Google

Solution: A Spanish team that specialises in translating online shops not only translated the descriptions with great commercial appeal, but also adapted them to meet specific SEO requirements

Success: The client’s online shop already sells more than 1400 products of the brand, with a great commercial impact and web visibility. This translation success story stands out among others because it’s ongoing: new products are added to the website each month

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