Rebeca Pacheco: “We’ve lost a sense of the value of time”

Rebeca is the alma mater of Quilter- life solutions, a company providing services of Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management based in Barcelona. She tries to make people's life easier. We love Quilter motto: your time is for you. Age: nearly 37 Profession: Architect (by profession) and Personal Concierge (at heart) Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Catalan and Italian (very basic level) [...]

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Guest post: Gestural Communication

It is true that some elements of non-verbal communication, like micro-gestures, are shared across cultures because they are based on biological reactions (like blushing, shaking or pupils dilating). So we could say that they are common to all of us: gestural communication. Gestural communication is much more than body language Body language falls somewhere in [...]

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