The Andalusian variety in La Peste: issues that need clarification

There’s been a commotion lately regarding the use of the Andalusian variety in La Peste, Movistar+’s new show, a large production set in sixteenth century Seville. Many Internet users have criticised the fact that they couldn’t understand the plot, questioned the actors’ diction... At Ontranslation, it’s also been a topic of conversation, we have reflected on the issue and we [...]

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Is Spanglish a language?

Anyone who has heard phrases like “Te llamo pa’ atrás pa’ janguear el viernes, que estoy vacunando la carpeta” will ask themselves if Spanglish is its own language. At least in terms of mutually intelligibility, it doesn’t seem very simple to classify the phrase within either English or Spanish, right? Spanglish constitutes an increasingly widespread [...]

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