Invented languages, to what end?

There are a large number of invented languages or, more technically speaking, constructed languages. Esperanto, Volapük, Klingon, Interlingua... All of them were created artificially, and not naturally, like our mother tongues. Today we ask ourselves what motivates the creation of invented languages. Why don’t people who create them have enough with natural languages? Let’s see. Knocking down the Tower of [...]

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Loanwords and new technologies

Loanwords may be the solution: Keeping constantly updated before the unstoppable development of new technologies is not an easy task. Languages need to find solutions for the technical terms that come with development. This is one of the major linguistic challenges today: the introduction of foreign words. Words from another language that are adopted without [...]

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Is Spanglish a language?

Anyone who has heard phrases like “Te llamo pa’ atrás pa’ janguear el viernes, que estoy vacunando la carpeta” will ask themselves if Spanglish is its own language. At least in terms of mutually intelligibility, it doesn’t seem very simple to classify the phrase within either English or Spanish, right? Spanglish constitutes an increasingly widespread [...]

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