Outsourcing translation services for ecommerce: nothing but the success

At Ontranslation we are aware of the advantages of outsourcing translation services for ecommerce. However, we have witnessed a worrying and increasing trend. Many of our potential customers, ask themselves the following question: “why don’t you hire people who are theoretically bilingual?". They could take care of the translations, international customer service and manage the [...]

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The proper use of language in online shops: Interview to Jordi Ordóñez

Jordi Ordóñez: a great professional and even better person. What better introduction for this e-commerce consultant and Amazon expert who, with experience and hard work, gets the best results for his clients: key players in online sales. We were lucky enough to get to work with him in the professional translation of his ebook, and [...]

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Translating PrestaShop can be easy

Translating PrestaShop 1.7 can be easy, and that is one of this CMS’s great advantages, the most used one in Europe to create online shops. The platform offers a very good PrestaShop translation functionality in its back office where you can edit most of the content on your online shop, and not only that, you [...]

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SantaFixie interview : Customers will contact you in the language they speak

Xavier Claveria, bike lover and entrepreneur above all, is the founder and CEO of Santafixie.com, the first multi-brand e-commerce site in Spain specialized in selling fixed-gear bicycles and accessories for urban bikers. Name: Xavier Claveria Masip Age: 31 Academic training and occupation: Degree in Economics and MA in Accounting, Business Finance and Management. I work [...]

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