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Looking for an Amazon listing translation service? Translating product information for Amazon must take into account Amazon’s A9 algorithm.  However, before submitting your translations to the marketplace, you shouldn’t forget about the linguistic aspects and cultural differences relating to the titles, descriptions and bullet points of your listings.

For this reason, we review the most important aspects of Amazon product translation, while at the same time, improving the international SEO of your Amazon listings with international A9 SEO.


How to translate Amazon listings with A9: step-by-step

Translating your products’ information allows you to persuade and convince the international public.  But to sell more, you should also keep A9 SEO in mind,  and apply it in the SEO translations of your products. .


Amazon Listing Translation Service


Brief before any Amazon product translation

If you focus a text towards online sales, the most important thing to know is who you are aiming for.  This not only influences what language is spoken in a country, but also what the needs are of your future buyers.  And, above all, how your products can resolve them.

Always avoid homogenization. It is possible that you want to aim for various countries and their versions of Amazon, or different audiences in the same country at the same time.

The interests, the ways of expression, the expectations, and how your buyers perform Amazon searches are factors that change according to their culture, personal preferences and where they live.    

In this video, Nathalie Nahai, aka The Web Psychologist, and author of the book Webs of Influence, notes that it is really important to know your target audience, so as to know how to communicate effectively and how to sell your products in a trustworthy manner. For all of this, it is essential to know their preferences and their culture.


Therefore, before you begin translating the descriptions on Amazon, organise a briefing with the brand.  Ask yourself, among other things:  


Traducción SEO para Amazon - rugby

 For example, if you sell products related to rugby, your target audience in Spain will be a small and quite uniform niche for Amazon. Your buyers surely play the sport (perhaps in universities, where it is more commonly played than the rest of the country).  In other places, such as Australia or South Africa, rugby moves people, and you will have a much bigger and diverse audience, so you would know how to communicate with the appropriate segments of the public.

Knowing what your competitors offer on Amazon

Analysing what other international sellers are offering on Amazon will help you establish a strategy.  Nowadays, it is difficult to have a unique product.  Or at least something that cannot, in some way, be substituted by something else.

It is important to know how your competition communicates on Amazon:

  • What tone and level of formality do they use in their descriptions? Does it fit your international audience?
  • Do they only include technical features of their products or do they also have an aspirational copy?
  • Do they have good reviews? Based on these, you can gain an advantage and offer something better or different.


Traducción SEO para Amazon - ejemplo ficha copy mal Traducción SEO para Amazon - ejemplo ficha copy


Natural Athlete is a Spanish brand of energy bars that has proved to analyse their competition, notably improving the descriptions of their products on Amazon Italy, and also including a detailed and aspirational copy.


What’s more, if we do a more detailed analysis, we can see they have analysed the keywords that their competition use, so as to know how to compete with them or to find keyword gaps they can use.


How to Find the Best Amazon Keywords for Your Products

Once you know your audience, their expectations, needs and culture, and you know how your competition express themselves and which keywords they use, you should be able to perform a local keyword search.

Think about why they need your product and how you can persuade your potential international Amazon customers to buy yours and not one of the millions offered by your competition.

To find out their search intention, put yourself in their shoes, contact a local expert that can help you with cultural issues or contract a translation agency specialising in digital marketing, like ourselves.

In addition to the sociological profile of your buyer, do not forget the linguistic and cultural aspects of the Amazon market you are aiming for, as they influence how your potential customers search for information.

It’s not just between one language and another where you will find differences in vocabulary, but also between the different varieties of each language.  A simple example is the different words used in the United Kingdom and the United States for some items of clothing:


traducción SEO para Amazon - variantes

That’s why using machine translation for a list of keywords does not make sense.  It is essential to perform a keyword research specific to every market and apply it in your Amazon product translation, in accordance with A9 SEO.  


What is SEO Translation for Amazon A9?

We are not going to go into the detail about the characteristics of the Amazon A9 algorithm, or about where to use keywords, or character limits, etc. For this, we have experts in Amazon SEO like Jordi Ordoñez, who explains it perfectly.

Once everything is clear it must be pointed out that multilingual SEO translation for Amazon A9 is nothing more than just a process of transcreation.

Thanks to the perfect mix between translation and content creation, which is sensitive to cultural context and adapts to it, as well as the use of local keywords you will be able to engage with your texts, appear high up in searches and have a brand voice that generates trust.

All of this will help Amazon buyers find you, buy your product, and come back to your brand again and again. Amazon translation services and international SEO positioning, all in one.


Is it worth getting Amazon listing translated?

Have a clear strategy to follow. Trusting professional translators that are experts in translating for Amazon, languages, and culture, will make the difference between being invisible and appearing on Amazon without any cultural misunderstandings.

Do you want to appear on Amazon as #1 in the country you are targeting?


Amazon is the marketplace with the second-highest number of subscribers, after Netflix. Lots of people don’t even use Google to search for a product, they just go straight to their Amazon account.  And the business will not stop growing.

Thanks to this marketplace, people can buy your products in most countries across the world. Recently they have launched Amazon Poland, and there are more countries on the way.

Are you going to put more obstacles in the way of your international Amazon expansion by using machine translation or non-professional translators to deal with your products’ information? Do you really think that you are going to sell your products using the same communication strategies in the UK or in Poland, for example?

Don’t mess around.  Check if your products have a place in the international markets through Amazon. And then choose the Amazon listing translation service that best suits your company to boost its growth beyond our borders.

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