Sworn translation services

Get faithful, legally valid renderings of your official documents so you can take care of any procedures quickly and safely.


We give you access to the best professionals from the official list of sworn translators

  • Did you say your ’I dos’ abroad but need your marriage to be legally recognised in Spain, too?
  • Interested in a medical insurance policy abroad but need to show an official translation of your medical history?
  • Want to stay on and study at that university you loved so much on Erasmus but need your academic records translated?
  • Have you got a notary certificate about the flood at your house and want to send it to your Russian landlord who doesn’t speak a word of Spanish?
  • Waiting to get millions in inheritance from Egypt but they need your birth certificate to prove it?

Only documents signed by a sworn translator are legally valid

Only official sworn translators can provide translations that are legally binding. Sworn translators certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the only solution to your needs involving academic records, commercial registries for companies that export goods, or documents for legal proceedings. In these cases, only translations done by sworn translators in Spain who certify the faithfulness of the rendering will be accepted.

After passing the test at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these professionals go on the list of certified sworn translators. Without their seal and signature, the sworn translation isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Don’t risk it; always work with a professional.



Don’t be fooled, legal translation and sworn translation aren’t the same.

Many people don’t know the difference. And we can’t blame them; they sound the same. But the difference between a sworn translator and a legal translator is huge.

If you need a legally binding translation, you need a sworn translation. In this article, we’ll show you how to tell the difference between a legal translator and a sworn translator.

Sworn translation services to get your degree recognised

Looking for work in another country? Want to do a postgraduate programme at a foreign university? If so, you probably need a sworn translation of your degree. Or your academic record, which is another option.

Avoid problems and unexpected delays and make sure your future is bright with official translators that guarantee it’s done right.

Show proof of your financial solvency with a sworn translation of your accounts

Everyone has to held accountable at some point. And sometimes, quite literally. A sworn translation of your accounts will help you make it clear that you’re a straight shooter. Which, as you know, is a standard requirement.

Have to deal with tax agencies in other countries? Have an important meeting coming up with the parent company of your group? Put your accounts out on the table and get the credibility of a legally binding translation.

Translation of marriage certificates so the law will never part you

The world is getting smaller and smaller. Globalisation unites cultures, races…and hearts. Now there’s no knowing where you’ll end up starting a family or saying ’I do’. But you’ll always want your love to be recognised in your home country.

For that to happen, you’ll need a sworn translation of your marriage certificate. Get the stamp of approval from a sworn translator certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and live happily every after.


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