Professional Interpreting Services

Consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, liaison interpreting services and more. We have just what you need for any occasion. Trust in our professional interpreters!


Interpreting services for weddings, congresses and events

Want to defend your project abroad? Getting married in another country? Organising an international congress with speakers and audience members from all over the world?  Trust in our interpretation services and you can say goodbye to situations like:

  • Attending an international trade fair and being petrified you won’t be able to communicate and will miss out on a golden opportunity to sell your products or services.
  • Failing at large operations because you don’t speak the language or know the cultural customs to negotiate with foreign clients.
  • Giving people a negative impression due to a misunderstanding during a press conference in a language you’re not fluent in.
  • Getting ready to launch a multilingual event and not having an interpreter, booths or equipment.

The only purpose of an interpreter is to make sure you understand everything

Ontranslation’s professional interpreters want to help you on your path to internationalisation so you can do business with any contact without the language getting in the way of profitable deals.

Is it something more personal? No problem. Sworn interpretation for weddings and marriage ceremonies, or liaison interpretation for public services, will give you the tools you need to be successful when it counts most.


Simultaneous interpreting services for large events: get your message across in real time.

Going to give a conference, speech or participate in a panel discussion? Hosting a congress and need everyone to be able to understand what the speakers are saying, regardless of their language?

Then professional simultaneous translation is your best option. At Ontranslation we not only offer you the best team of expert interpreters. We also take care of installing the booths, audio equipment and anything else that’s needed to make sure communication flows smoothly between the stage and the audience. Because they’ve come to understand everything!

Consecutive interpreting for press conferences and negotiations

Hosting a visit to the city for one of your publishing house’s most international authors? A foreign media outlet wants to interview you? Press conferences and interviews are motivated by one main factor: interest. Whether it’s you or one of your star clients or collaborators people are interested in, consecutive interpretation is the perfect tool for meeting expectations.

Express everything that makes you special, which is why you’re in the media in the first place, without the risk of them misunderstanding what you are trying to say. Our team of professional interpreters who specialise in consecutive interpretation for press conferences and interviews know their job to perfection. They’ll take notes while you speak. Then, during your pauses, they’ll use their memory techniques and notes to convey your message perfectly.

Don’t miss this post, and find out what happened at the Mandela funeral because of a bad interpretation.

Liaison interpretation for public services

Hospitals, police stations, government offices… These places are where you take care of serious things that can be very important at specific points in your life. If it can sometimes be difficult to communicate precisely in your own language, imagine doing it with someone who doesn’t share your language.

Liaison interpreting specifically for public services helps you tackle situations that can be quite sensitive with the confidence that comes with good communication. Plus, our liaison interpretation professionals comply with strict codes of confidentiality. This, along with their training and agility in facing a wide range of situations, makes them the perfect support for multilingual processes with public services.

But, what happens if you have bad interpretation services at the National Court? Read this post and find out why it’s so important to get quality interpretation service.


Sworn interpretation for weddings and marriage ceremonies

Need to swear ’till death do us part’? Well, that’s up to you. But if you need someone to swear that they’re conveying your words faithfully, you need our sworn interpretation team for weddings and marriage ceremonies.

Globalisation not only comes with great opportunities for business internationalisation. There are also fewer borders between love, and weddings and marriage ceremonies between people from different countries are becoming very common. If that’s your case, whether you want to get married abroad or your partner is the one coming here, don’t worry. With our sworn interpretation for weddings and marriage ceremonies, your love will find its own path, overcoming any linguistic barriers.


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