We work with you during your internationalisation process

Maximise the profitability of your business by

eliminating communication barriers

We unleash the communicative potential of your business

to attain a global reach

We win Google's heart with a multilingual SEO

Looking for a translation agency to reach speakers of any language?

You’ve come to the right place, because here at Ontranslation translation agency we specialise in just that: facilitating communication between people when language could otherwise be a barrier.

Our multilingual communication services are specifically designed for companies that need to adapt their communication to new customers either in their own country or abroad, in order to grow their business.

If you believe that the success of your business depends on globalization and customer focus, we will help you achieve it by becoming your professional translation agency.

Think about what separates you from your potential customers and we will help you bridge that gap:

  • We adapt your newsletters in different markets around the world.
  • We increase traffic to your news site with readers of other languages.
  • We accompany you to international events to help expand your business.
  • We dub your promotional videos so as to boost virality.
  • We improve your SEO with website translations and quality Adwords.
  • We translate your catalogues so that your marketing goes further.

If you work with us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our…


Top quality services, from the most general to the most specific and innovative.


A high-performance team of professionals to provide you with solutions and value added.


An extremely effective, easy, fast work system, because we know how important your time is.

We provide translation services (whether sworn, specialised or general), web localisation, interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whatever you need), proof-reading and corrections, linguistic advisory services, post-production and voice over. Any specialty, any field, any language. Ontranslation translation agency guarantees that quality will be what defines our work.

Our team of professionals is made up of experts in a wide range of subjects, including gastronomy, tourism and e-commerce. Our translation agency team is multidisciplinary and takes a holistic approach, integrating such unrelated tasks as translation and voice over in a single project. Plus, all of our professionals are native speakers of the language in which they work, which allows us to guarantee the best results.

Our work system here at Ontranslation translation agency prioritises quality service. We take into account every aspect of the process of managing and executing a communication project, carefully monitoring everything from the technical side to customer service and quality control to make sure the results are to the full satisfaction of both our clients and our collaborators.

More than translators, we are experts in communication

That is why we translate not only words but deal with both linguistic and cultural aspects in any communicative context.

Our team of translators, interpreters, proof-readers and voice-over artists are always supported by an expert management team that specialises in communication and knows every detail of the work carried out by each professional. On-going contact with a wide variety of fields and specialties allows us to establish the best strategy to successfully carry out any communication project that is brought to us. Plus, we never lose sight of the cultural particularities of each project’s target audience.  Ontranslation isn’t just a translation agency; it’s your guarantee of successful communication.

Look what they say about us…

The media and some private companies have been interested in us.

Check it out and you will see why #wearenotthesame.


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We’re highly satisfied with the relationship we’ve forged with Ontranslation. We’re more than partners; we’re social partners! We’re particularly happy with their high level of professionalism, diligence, helpfulness and quality. Ontranslation is very fast at addressing our requests and also understand perfectly what we need and what our target audience expects of us.

Sergi , Worldcoo

Ontranslation is the ideal partner for our company in our internationalisation process. Having someone by our side that can manage the linguistic trials and tribulations of developing a product for more than forty countries is key to our business-development plan. Being in contact with a growing number of clients from different areas of the globe requires understanding but also quality professional management. This is where Ontranslation has been and continues to be a great help.

Raúl , Ameurop

We’ve been using Ontranslation services for some time and they’ve always responded perfectly. When you need to communicate with other countries, you have to be able to completely trust the person who is facilitating that communication, and with Ontranslation we do, as they’ve earned it many times over.

At Ontranslation they very quickly gave response to my needs and solved the doubts that arose throughout the translation process. Above all, I would point out the promptness in the technical translation services they offer.

Ontranslation has been the Sagardi Group’s translation company for more than a year and a half. Over this time, they’ve proven themselves to be highly professional, quick and of excellent quality in all their work.

We used Ontranslation for a specific project and were pleasantly surprised and highly satisfied by their efficiency, speed and excellent customer service. Ever since we’ve entrusted them with all of our translation needs.

The translation service of Ontranslation has always been impeccable. Both the quality of their translations and the friendly, personal service are unbeatable!

Verónica , Reimagine Food

We love the customer service we get from the person in charge of our account.

Raimón, Giny

Ontranslation’s agility of response to my demand has been optimal, as well as the coordination and monitoring of my project.

Gemma, Biocat