We want you to generate more business opportunities by helping you with the internationalisation of your company.

For that reason we have developed specific services designed to help with the most common problems that companies have when interacting with audiences who use a language different from their own.

no es lo mismo

Our translation services are completely faithful to the original text.

We keep in mind all linguistic and contextual aspects, stylistic conventions, phrasing and even the medium through which the message is transmitted.

  • General texts
  • Technical and specific texts
  • Sworn translation of official documents
  • Translation for online stores

It isn’t just about correcting errors.

A good revision requires the reflection of our professionals who verify the suitability of the text: adaptation to the reader, grammar correction, accuracy of language use and the presentation of the document.

  • Linguistic revision and proofreading
  • Final art revision (galley proofs)

In order to interpret with precision, our interpreters are fluent in both languages and are also experts in the project’s area of knowledge.

How else would they be able to correctly convey the information if they didn’t know what they were talking about?

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Liaison interpretation

It is always good to have on-hand a resource that provides a model business letter, forms of address in another country, an abbreviation… For that reason, our linguistic advisors will resolve your doubts about style or writing.

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We will handle the voice-over and postproduction of the audio and video of your audiovisual projects so that you achieve the best results and the highest-quality product.

You decided to put your store in a country without borders and you should know that there are people passing by who would love to buy your products. But they don’t do it. And there is only one reason: they don’t understand what you’re saying.

Discover how we can help you:

  • Softlanding.
  • Settling.
  • Multilingual community.
  • SEO translation and Adwords.

These are some of the experiences of our clients and the solutions that we have provided them for their multilingual communication needs.

The semantic content and online marketing experts at Ontranslation translated their campaigns using Adwords and keywords so that they would be more attractive to both human users and Google botsOpening up to other countries increased their business opportunities.

Because Ontranslation counts on authorised sworn translators who act as notariesPedro was able to validate his documents and fulfil his dream.


There could be harsh economic consequences if an error slips through. Since turning to the linguistic and layout experts at Ontranslation to handle their revisions, they can sleep easy knowing that they aren’t putting their money and reputation at risk.
A company that wanted to meet this challenge let a German interpreter from Ontranslation accompany them and was able to maximise the investment in the trip.
The speed and accuracy of the translation provided by Ontranslation helped them to present their project on-time and with excellent quality. And even though they didn’t win the tender, they were able to discuss their project with other organisations in the country until they obtained financing.
We speak your clients’ language. We collaborate in the creation of content that enables internationalisation of organisations and companies in order to generate business in multilingual contexts.

Make us your trustworthy translation agency

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