Proofreading services

Skipping the proofreading or revision of your texts could ruin your brand. Trust in our professional proofreaders that will edit your texts to perfection. Let your revised, proofread texts speak for you.


Skipping the proofreading or revision of your texts could ruin your brand

At Ontranslation, we have experienced proofreaders who specialise in revising and proofreading texts in any language. We make sure your text is clear, attractive, free of grammar and spelling mistakes and appropriate for the intended context.

  • Ever take delivery of 3,000 new brochures only to realise there’s a spelling mistake?
  • Is the writing style on your website or texts not clear, or not up to current online communication standards?
  • After posting your video in another language, did you get messages saying it has an unexpected negative connotation?
  • Or does your product sound very different in your tweets for your new foreign market?


Revising online content

The written content on a website is what sets it apart. In fact, the sales of an ecommerce site can drop by up to half if the page has spelling mistakes. Because expressing yourself clearly and correctly is key, it is essential that your pages be reviewed and proofread.

Proofreading legal/administrative documents

Legal/administrative jargon can seem like a foreign language. It’s very easy to make mistakes that could have serious ramifications, including legal ones, when dealing with this sort of texts. The best plan? Proofreading for spelling and style, done by a professional with legal knowledge so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Reviewing scientific/technical texts

User manuals, patient information leaflets, technical specification sheets… Do you work with this sort of documents? If you do, you know better than anyone how complex and specific most of scientific and technical texts tend to be. And the serious consequences that can arise from a mistake or misunderstanding… Better to make sure they’re clear, with a professional revision.

Revising corporate texts

Maybe you want to make sure your CV in other languages is picture perfect, or that your financial report doesn’t have a single error when you’re ready to submit it. In a professional setting, you have to put your best foot forward, and that means being clear and correct. Let your revised, proofread texts speak for you.

Proofreading advertising texts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… and that may be true, a picture that gets your attention makes you read the words that go with it. But if there are mistakes in those words, the picture is worthless. Make sure your texts are written properly with our style, spelling and grammar proofreading services.

A revision or proofreading by a professional proof-reader can save you loads of money

Don’t skip that final revision, because more than just spelling or grammar mistakes, we can find errors in terminology, writing style or appropriate tone.

Focus on doing what makes money for your business and leave the proofreading or galley proofing to specialists who will do it much faster and with better results.


Trust in Ontranslation translation agency to proofread your texts and you’ll get:

  • The peace of mind that comes with having your texts proofed by a professional proof-reader who has been trained to do this.
  •  The help of linguists, layout and graphic designers to check the spelling and style of your text, as well as the layout.
  •  Choose to get a clean version or one with the changes tracked, whichever you prefer.
  •  Our proofreading service is certified to ISO 9001 standards for managing multilingual communication projects.


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