Audiovisual translation services

Don’t stifle your videos! Internationalise your audiovisual communication with us. Invest in professional, quality audiovisual translation services.


Audiovisual translation services for companies and communication agencies

Videos are an essential part of any marketing campaign. And even of your corporate image. The design, voices, graphics… everything comes together to give viewers a specific feeling. Or that’s the idea at least. But any slight mistake, a tiny issue in any of the many parts, can make your chances of achieving your goal grind to a halt.

  • Want to use that cool corporate brand video but need subtitles in English?
  • Don’t know where to find voice-over services in several languages to make your podcasts sound more professional?
  • How do you know if you’re using the right words on screen in your video?
  • No idea how to transcribe audio to text but need it urgently to present to a client or your boss?
  • Can’t find anyone to put French subtitles on your CEO’s corporate video-presentation?

Corporate-quality audiovisual translation

Don’t waste the money you’ve put into your videos with poor voice-overs based on amateur translations. Delegate the transcription, subtitling and voice-overs to us. Let voice-over professionals put the perfect finishing touches on your video.

Need to transcribe audio to text? Need to put Spanish subtitles on your English videos? Don’t be the go-between for translators and audiovisual techs. With Ontranslation, you get the best audiovisual translation services, all in one place.



Where can I get corporate videos transcribed?

It may seem like a minor issue. But a good transcription is the foundation of any successful audiovisual project. Transcribing voice to text is an art that requires a lot of experience. Only professional teams with years of experience have the techniques necessary to deliver a quality transcription in record time.

Publish your videos in English with Spanish subtitles

Want to tell your company’s story in Spanish-speaking countries? We’ll take care of it. But you don’t have the budget or time for voice-overs? No problem. We’ll take care of it. With our audiovisual translation services, you can subtitle your corporate videos in various languages. Regardless of the format: we work with all the encodings in the sector.

Get studio-quality voice-overs for your video

Be proud of your audiovisual products with a professional studio-quality finish. Ontranslation gives you access to an extensive team of professional voice-over artists, so you can get just the voice you need. Help your audience identify with your audiovisual project and the message you want to get across. We do a detailed briefing before we start to identify all your needs and ensure the final result is perfect.

Transcribe interviews without wasting time

Do you work in journalism? Don’t waste time you don’t have transcribing interviews. Focus on investigating each topic, choosing the most interesting subjects and writing your articles. Leave transcription of your interviews to the experts in audiovisual translation services. They’ll do it much faster and, if you want, they can also correct and proofread it for you!


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