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Paul is in charge of many of the stopmotion and graphic design projects Ontranslation manages. He is always improving his skills and updating his knowledge in the field (as you’ll see, even when he reads he is “working”), however, he still manages to deal with his kids’ early waking-up and listen to John Williams orchestral hymns. Nice soundtrack for what he does for a living, don’t you think?

Name: Paul

Age: 38

What’s your favourite colour?

Teal (a green shade).

What do you do on a Saturday morning?

Praying that my kids stay in bed longer than during the week. Once we’re awake I usually go to buy us freshly made croissants.

What’s the last book you read?

Sadly, most of the books I read are non-fiction/work-related. As I work with design software I always have to stay on top of the newest features.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re happy?

Music from the 80s and John Williams (Indiana Jones, E.T., Superman, etc.).

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning to get me going, and tea in the afternoon. However, I will try to swap the coffee with green tea, as I’ve read it’s high in caffeine but “healthier” than coffee.

A place to eat?


What’s your favourite food?

French food.

A place you would like to get lost in:

New York or London.

A dream to fulfil:

I would love to move back to London or New York. I miss the rush from these cities.

If I couldn’t move I would at least like to have a pied-a-terre there. 😉

Something you would never do:


When was the last time you couldn’t stop laughing and why…?

Standard and boring answer, but once you’ve got young kids there’s always crazy surprises for you!

What’s the last film you saw?

The Imitation Game, which is based on Alan Turing, whose work I studied back in the days in London. An extra bonus is that it’s directed by a Norwegian (I’m Norwegian as well…).

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Oscar Nogueras

Es el CEO de Ontranslation y dedica algunos ratos libres a escribir en este blog para compartir sus conocimientos sobre internacionalización, cross-border ecommerce y Traducción SEO. No es para menos, ya que entre su formación cuenta con una licenciatura en filología inglesa, un máster en tradumática, un posgrado en elearning y un MBA. En definitiva, una declaración de intenciones donde la cultura y los idiomas se sirven mezclados, no agitados.

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