The proper use of language in online shops: Interview to Jordi Ordóñez

Jordi Ordóñez: a great professional and even better person. What better introduction for this e-commerce consultant and Amazon expert who, with experience and hard work, gets the best results for his clients: key players in online sales. We were lucky enough to get to work with him in the professional translation of his ebook, and [...]

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InterNations: Interview with Malte Zeeck

Age: 39 Profession: CEO at Internations Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French Interview: Malte Zeck is a passionate traveller, he loves different cultures and communication. He is the kind of person who turns a weakness into an opportunity. His experience living as an expat in countries like Brazil, Switzerland or India inspired him [...]

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Nicola Minervini “More than 60% of negotiations fail because of a lack of knowledge of cultural differences”

Age: 69 Profession: Economist & Internationalisation consultant Languages: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English Interview: Nicola Minervini is a true business internationalisation guru. Born in Italy, much of his professional career as a consultant has been in Latin America, especially in Brazil —he considers Portuguese to be his second native language—, but he has also advised European companies. In publications such as Export [...]

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SantaFixie interview : Customers will contact you in the language they speak

Xavier Claveria, bike lover and entrepreneur above all, is the founder and CEO of, the first multi-brand e-commerce site in Spain specialized in selling fixed-gear bicycles and accessories for urban bikers. Name: Xavier Claveria Masip Age: 31 Academic training and occupation: Degree in Economics and MA in Accounting, Business Finance and Management. I work [...]

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Rebeca Pacheco: “We’ve lost a sense of the value of time”

Rebeca is the alma mater of Quilter- life solutions, a company providing services of Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management based in Barcelona. She tries to make people's life easier. We love Quilter motto: your time is for you. Age: nearly 37 Profession: Architect (by profession) and Personal Concierge (at heart) Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Catalan and Italian (very basic level) [...]

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