Holiday marketing strategy or how to maximize your cross-border sales

Making the most of public holidays in the countries you want to target is a particularly good way to increase your sales, your visibility and your connection to customers. This technique is known as seasonal marketing or dayketing. Find out some tips on how to design your holiday marketing strategy and make your international campaigns a success.


Step by step on how to create a seasonal marketing strategy

The first thing you need to do to create your holiday marketing strategy is to establish an annual plan based on the annual holiday calendar.

But which holidays should you choose? This will depend on factors such as the type of products or services you sell and the country you are marketing in.

There are some essential dates such as Christmas, Singles’ Day, Black Friday, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween that cannot be missed.

However, if one of the markets you want to focus your strategy on is, for example, France, you will have to take into account its national holidays, as well as some international ones. Discard those that you cannot leverage for your type of business and focus only on those that you can make use of.


Estrategia de marketing de días festivos - planificar calendario editorial


Once you have selected the holidays you are going to target and organised them in the calendar, it’s time to get creative and start producing different dayketing campaigns.

Keep dates in mind and set deadlines so that you can get everything ready on time. Each seasonal marketing campaign will require different organisation and delivery.

Finally, when planning your strategy, do your research on the holiday. Find out not only about the holiday itself, but also about the socio-cultural environment in which you want to run it. Halloween does not feel the same in the United States as it does in Spain. Knowing each culture will be key.

In the same way that knowing the socio-cultural context will be fundamental, conveying your message in the right language will be especially important. Grammatical and language mistakes on these dates can be very costly.

Tips for creating a good holiday marketing strategies

Creativity plays a crucial role when creating an ecommerce publishing calendar. While it’s important to look to your competitors for inspiration, you’ll also need to be original to set yourself apart. Here are a few tips that may help.


Spruce up your brand for the occasion

The visual aspect is one of the most important to succeed on special occasions. Consumers already have a certain aesthetic for each festivity in their minds. Therefore, decorating your brand with the right colours and motifs will be key.


Estrategia de marketing de días festivos - viste tu marca


Don’t neglect any aspect of your brand and adapt the decoration of your website, your packaging and your social networks. Do not leave anything to chance.


SEO, more important than ever in dayketing strategies

During the holidays, organic positioning becomes more difficult due to the large number of brands that carry out a holiday marketing strategy. Therefore, focusing on SEO will be key if you want your brand not to fall into oblivion.

Select the keywords you want to rank for carefully. If you are still a small company, select keywords that are not difficult to position and use them to climb up the rankings. Otherwise, you will be fighting against big brands, and it will be more difficult for them to pay attention to you.

A good way of positioning yourself is to write articles on the blog section of your website related to the theme of the holiday. If you also add the year to the title of your publication, you will always have a publication ready to publish when the time comes, such as “What to buy for Halloween 2021”.


Email marketing, your best ally

One of the best ways to attract customers to your website is email marketing, and during international holidays even more so.

You should include the days when you will send messages to your customers informing them about new and exclusive products for the special day or about special offers and promotions in the international marketing calendar that you have previously made.

Remember to give these messages the right aesthetics and intonation. Don’t forget to be creative and original so that they don’t end up in the “deleted” or spam folder, which can happen due to the avalanche of messages your customers will receive on these special dates.


Organise prize draws and increase the reach of your day marketing campaign.

Prize draws are extremely popular with customers, especially on social networks. In addition, organising prize draws on special dates will attract new consumers who might not be aware of your brand.

Platforms such as Instagram are the best platforms for dayketing actions. You will have to establish a series of conditions to participate in the prize draws, such as mentioning a friend, following the brand and leaving a comment. This way you ensure greater visibility and a better positioning of the post due to the interactions.


Why use holidays to sell cross-border in ecommerce?

If you have a calendar of international festivities, you will gain customer loyalty. Creating this type of dynamic with special actions is getting in the minds of consumers. If your holiday strategy has been successful, customers will look forward to it year after year. This way you will make an impression on them, and they will remember you as the date approaches.

Committing to certain important dates to sell internationally will give an image of engagement with the world around your brand. International customers will see that you care about them, what’s going on and that you are up-to-date. Thanks to holiday marketing, your brand will gain authority and generate more trust.

Of course, using this type of holiday strategy will be very financially beneficial. At this time of the year, shopping increases. Consumption is a ritual and through it every customer feels more part of the festivity.

If you have a good seasonal marketing strategy, you will be able to achieve higher conversion rates and increase your sales. In addition, cross-border ecommerce is experiencing a huge increase and many people prefer to shop online instead of going to physical shops.


Trust translation professionals for your holiday marketing strategy

Your dayketing strategy may be very well-designed, but if your international marketing campaigns are not culturally and linguistically adapted to your audience, all the effort will be in vain.

So don’t forget to rely on professional ecommerce translation services to get your message across borders and reach your international customers. Tell us about your project or campaign, and we will help your ideas reach their destination.

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