Why you should have your LinkedIn in multiple languages

Having a LinkedIn in multiple languages will make you stand out in your industry. LinkedIn has become the go-to tool for any professional. Any potential recruiter, client or partner can see who you are just by viewing your profile.

In short, it’s the first impression people get of our own personal brand. Through LinkedIn, we tell the working world who we are, what skills we have and where we feel most comfortable. In an increasingly interconnected and international work environment, having a multilingual LinkedIn could be the difference maker that gives you a positive and appealing image.


How to select multiple languages for your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn gives us a golden opportunity to differentiate ourselves by having our profile in multiple languages. Given that it comes with the option of making versions of our profile in several languages, it’s something we should take advantage of!

These versions are automatically shown to speakers of one language or another. Therefore, if someone uses LinkedIn in English and views your profile, they will automatically see the English version. Here are the steps to follow to activate the option.


The advantages of having a multilingual LinkedIn profile

1. Greater visibility

Expressing yourself in the preferred language of your clients, partners or recruiters is always a bonus. We all skim through things on the Internet (aren’t you flicking through this post?) and logically, we retain more information in our mother tongue.

By having a multilingual LinkedIn (especially if it’s in one of the most widely spoken languages on the Internet), we’ll have a better chance that whoever finds us will know us better at first glance. Don’t miss out!

2. Gain credibility in your industry

There are international companies, with multicultural teams (we’re a good example!), and a LinkedIn profile may be viewed by several members of that team. If you have your profile in multiple languages, it’s quite likely that this will reassure them, or at least make you stand out from the crowd. What’s not to like!

However, translate your profile into languages you know. There’s not much point having a profile in French if you’re still at A1 level!

3. Improve your positioning

Yes, we can position ourselves on Google through LinkedIn. It’s not a secret: almost every company types the names of the connections they make into Google. Furthermore, more than one is searching for professionals to collaborate with via Google.

Keep these points in mind when translating your LinkedIn page:

  • Change your profile URL (it’s usually a number) to your name.
  • Create a bio that draws people in and includes keywords.
  • Include keywords in your description that relate to your profile.
  • LinkedIn works with keywords, not with semantic fields.

Remember that literal translation doesn’t usually work for SEO positioning. Follow the last two steps with this in mind, or entrust your SEO translation to professionals!

4. Access to international offers

Many recruiters look for international talent, since there are countries where certain professions are highly valued, and talent is lacking. If international experience fits in with your range of options, having your LinkedIn in various languages will open the door to international recruiters contacting you.

Few will read a profile in a language other than the one they come across.


Careful with the expression! If it’s not well translated, just leave it as it is!

All the advantages we have listed could be deemed useless by one simple fact: if our LinkedIn bio in another language is not well written, has spelling mistakes or is not aware of the target culture.

In this case, it’s quite useful to “cheat” with our level of language skills: get a professional to translate it for us. It’s that for a job that is not communication or language oriented, in many cases it is enough to have sufficient oral skills.

Also, to deal with an international company, a level above B2, it’s already good enough for daily communication, and a professional interpreter can pave the way for your future career success.

LinkedIn is our introductory letter, and it will always look professional if it’s well written. Our advice is that you rely on experts to review the style of your bio or, at least to correct it. The same goes if your SEO knowledge isn’t too great: a translation with a keyword study will be a great resource.


Having your LinkedIn in multiple languages is a competitive advantage

As long as it is well written, a multilingual LinkedIn has many advantages: greater visibility, credibility, SEO positioning and access to international markets. Without a doubt, the option LinkedIn offers us is worth taking advantage of.

You can always count on us to get it right!

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