How to use social media language to boost sales

Social selling involves using language on social media to boost sales. Connect with your audience through quality interaction and obtain new clients.

The importance of social marketing lies in the enormous growth potential it brings to your company. Social media is the main communication channel of the modern day: accessible, low cost and present in all sectors and markets. So here comes the question: how to use the language on social media to boost sales?

According to the IAB Annual Social Networking Study 2019 , Spain has more than 25.5 million social media users in the 18-65 age group: 85% of the population.

The most popular networks for social selling? The top 4 are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram, while LinkedIn comes in seventh.


Online branding is key

When using social media language to boost sales, you must first create a brand that builds trust and engagement with your target audience: 81% of users say they follow brands on social media, and 27% say that the brands with a social media presence inspire more confidence.

But the impact of the brand is also measured by user feedback: 64% value the comments about a brand. Furthermore, 55% agree that it influences their buying choices.


Learn to use social media language to sell

Before finding out how to use social media language to increase sales, you should consider four key factors defined by LinkedIn’s SSI (Social Selling Index):

  • Establish your professional brand
  • Find the right people
  • Engage with insights
  • Build relationships

Do you want to know how to bolster these four factors?

It’s simple: through communication. We’re going to see some tips on how to use the language on social media to sell.

Social selling on Facebook and Twitter

You should focus your language on building brand awareness, engagement and establishing trusting relationships through close and personal communication.

It all depends on your company culture. It’s essential to focus on emotions and to touch the hearts of your potential clients with content that arouses feelings.

Social selling on LinkedIn

The social network of the professional world forces you to slightly change your social selling strategy, without losing your brand’s own style.

Focus on educational and business communication by adapting your language to a more informative register. Once you’ve done this, adopt an explanatory and informative touch that reflects the professional nature of your posts.

Using social media language to sell on Instagram

Instagram is the future. Even if you think your sector is too “formal” for this social network, its use is crucial. How to adapt your language to such a visual platform? Firstly, who said an image can’t have text? Or that the video on a story can’t have a voiceover or speech?

Social selling isn’t limited to what you write: make the most of the immediacy of Instagram and use direct and informative verbal and written language. Leave a mark with your message!


An opportunity you can’t miss

Don’t wait any longer to get into the world of social selling. Start using social media language to boost your sells by focusing on your consumers and communication channels. It may seem complicated at first but it’s always worth a shot.

If eventually you decide you have enough day-to-day work, delegate the creation of social media content to professionals who know what they’re doing. You know we’re just a click away!

Either way, don’t miss the opportunities from social selling!

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