A good translation agency that’s cheap and cheerful?

Today we’d like to answer the million dollar question. Is there such a thing as a good translation agency that’s cheap and cheerful? The short answer is yes. Of course, many people might think that translation services aren’t all that cheap. But that’s because they haven’t really thought about everything a professional translation entails. Good translators are good because of their training, so they deserve to be paid fairly.

A good translation agency

Good professional translators might be the hardest to find. Good translators are a needle in a haystack of unqualified practice. Nowadays, anyone who speaks two languages includes translation in their list of skills on their CV. And that’s why these things happen.

We find mistakes in the translations of texts, web pages... Sometimes they are false friends that have been translated quickly, expressions that haven’t been understood properly…

Although the most common mistakes are, without a doubt, spelling mistakes. Because ladies and gentlemen, speaking a language and knowing how to use it doesn’t mean doing so at a proficient level

It takes plenty of study and work time to be proficient enough in a language and only translation professionals have really invested that time into achieving it.

Cheerful translators

Well, they say that the closer you are to someone, the nicer you think they are. That’s why, at Ontranslation, we think that all the people that we work with are great. But we weren’t referring to that. Liking someone is quite subjective, isn’t it? That’s why a marketing agency won’t like the same kind of professional translation as an engineer…

Within the group of good translation companies, there are translators that fit better with your project. There are more creative professionals who prefer doing transcreation or audiovisual translationOthers prefer exact things and precision and that’s why they do scientific translation… And this happens with every type of translation.

Cheap translation services

And this is the most important point.

Cost is what almost everyone looks at first. This aspect also overrides the two previous ones more often than not. A cheap translation quote does a good job of confusing us and we forget about professionalism and how suited the professionals are to our project. A huge mistake!

Choosing a cheap translation agency will surely mean not getting good and cheerful translators for your project. It’s either that or it means that a qualified professional is being underpaid for their work. It’s called job insecurity and nobody likes that, right?

A good translation agency  provides services that requires professionalism, experience and dedication.

A good translation agency that’s cheap and cheerful does exist. They’re just not as cheap as you hope

A professional translation service can be offered at a fair price. That’s if we understand that the professionals who work with us have to receive a decent salary. Good translators are not always treated very well and that’s because of unqualified practice.

But don’t let anyone fool you; a bargain in translation is always dangerous. It’s better to trust the experts!

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Oscar Nogueras

Es el CEO de Ontranslation y dedica algunos ratos libres a escribir en este blog para compartir sus conocimientos sobre internacionalización, cross-border ecommerce y Traducción SEO. No es para menos, ya que entre su formación cuenta con una licenciatura en filología inglesa, un máster en tradumática, un posgrado en elearning y un MBA. En definitiva, una declaración de intenciones donde la cultura y los idiomas se sirven mezclados, no agitados.

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