Hiring translation services: where and why?

Hiring translation services could be the turning point in your company’s history. Many companies that want to start selling abroad are considering whether to hire translation services or leave it for further down the line.

At Ontranslation, we’ll tell you loud and clear: translation is needed. If you continue reading, you’ll find out why translating marketing documents and websites is so important when it comes to expanding to foreign markets.


By hiring professional translation services, you’ll gain credibility

If you’re targeting a new market, it’s vital to communicate in the language of the target culture. All documents to which the end client has access to must be in their language, so that they can understand them.

We’ve mentioned this a few times before: more than 50% of people would not buy from an e-commerce site that was not in their first language. We only have to look at ourselves or ask our colleagues.

Would we trust a brand that is in another language? Probably not, if not for some very specific reason. Many companies decide to ask an acquaintance or a colleague to translate their website or to translate some important documents. This is a serious mistake.

When hiring translation services, it’s important to rely on professionals, who write correctly. A single spelling mistake can greatly affect our sales.


Well translated content increases our Internet presence

More and more people are considering this, but there is still a lack of awareness. In recent years, any company that wants to have an Internet presence has availed of SEO. SEO is the strategy that a website uses to rank higher on Google, reaching the top search positions.

SEO is widely used at a local level, but it changes when globalisation comes into play. The jury is still out regarding the effectiveness of SEO translation.

But this, of course, is just as effective as local SEO in your market. When it comes to translating your website into Spanish, German, Italian or any other language, if you do it with Google in mind, you’ll reap the rewards later!. And you’ll rank higher in user searches.


Don’t hesitate hiring translation services and rely on professional translators

Don’t settle for just having your company’s communications translated, but hire a professional translation agency and take SEO into consideration.

Hiring translation services may seem like a big investment at first, but financially, it’ll be worth it in the long term!

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