Ontranslation: Breakfast with Paul

Paul is in charge of many of the stopmotion and graphic design projects Ontranslation manages. He is always improving his skills and updating his knowledge in the field (as you'll see, even when he reads he is "working"), however, he still manages to deal with his kids' early waking-up and listen to John Williams orchestral [...]

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SantaFixie interview : Customers will contact you in the language they speak

Xavier Claveria, bike lover and entrepreneur above all, is the founder and CEO of Santafixie.com, the first multi-brand e-commerce site in Spain specialized in selling fixed-gear bicycles and accessories for urban bikers. Name: Xavier Claveria Masip Age: 31 Academic training and occupation: Degree in Economics and MA in Accounting, Business Finance and Management. I work [...]

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Rebeca Pacheco: “We’ve lost a sense of the value of time”

Rebeca is the alma mater of Quilter- life solutions, a company providing services of Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management based in Barcelona. She tries to make people's life easier. We love Quilter motto: your time is for you. Age: nearly 37 Profession: Architect (by profession) and Personal Concierge (at heart) Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Catalan and Italian (very basic level) [...]

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Internationalization — Companies with language skills have more business opportunities

Catalonia is a benchmark in internationalization in Spain. In 2011, Catalan exports were up 14% from 2010, concentrated mainly in the European Union (65.39%). [i] Knowledge of foreign languages is one of the keys to internationalization, as to do so it’s nearly essential to know the language of the country you want to export to. In the [...]

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