How to translate an article using multilingual SEO

Writing is increasingly popular; nowadays, you need to write to be present on the Internet. Therefore, when looking to internationalise, many people wonder how to translate an article to rank higher on Google. SEO has become necessary and a doorway to potential customers. That’s why company blogs have become indispensable. When it comes to exporting, [...]

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The Andalusian variety in La Peste: issues that need clarification

There’s been a commotion lately regarding the use of the Andalusian variety in La Peste, Movistar+’s new show, a large production set in sixteenth century Seville. Many Internet users have criticised the fact that they couldn’t understand the plot, questioned the actors’ diction... At Ontranslation, it’s also been a topic of conversation, we have reflected on the issue and we have [...]

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Invented languages, to what end?

There are a large number of invented languages or, more technically speaking, constructed languages. Esperanto, Volapük, Klingon, Interlingua... All of them were created artificially, and not naturally, like our mother tongues. Today we ask ourselves what motivates the creation of invented languages. Why don’t people who create them have enough with natural languages? Let’s see. Knocking down the tower of [...]

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The importance of translating restaurant menus (correctly)

Translating restaurant menus, wine lists and, of course, your restaurant’s website, will attract new clients to your business and will help you increase your visibility and improve your image. And you cannot underestimate the power of the Internet today in the decision-making process. Many clients plan their trips in advance, searching in online travel guides, blogs and [...]

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Ontranslation: Breakfast with Paul

Paul is in charge of many of the stopmotion and graphic design projects Ontranslation manages. He is always improving his skills and updating his knowledge in the field (as you'll see, even when he reads he is "working"), however, he still manages to deal with his kids' early waking-up and listen to John Williams orchestral [...]

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The Chinese Market: internationalization and cultural adaptation

The Chinese market is a giant on the world stage, with continuous growth and a very promising future ahead. Because of this, many companies are starting to internationalise toward the Asian giant. The possibilities there are endless. Nevertheless, paradoxically, the Chinese market has been one of the most difficult to successfully internationalise into. It is the [...]

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Rebeca Pacheco: “We’ve lost a sense of the value of time”

Rebeca is the alma mater of Quilter- life solutions, a company providing services of Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management based in Barcelona. She tries to make people's life easier. We love Quilter motto: your time is for you. Age: nearly 37 Profession: Architect (by profession) and Personal Concierge (at heart) Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Catalan and Italian (very basic level) [...]

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Internationalization — Companies with language skills have more business opportunities

Catalonia is a benchmark in internationalization in Spain. In 2011, Catalan exports were up 14% from 2010, concentrated mainly in the European Union (65.39%). [i] Knowledge of foreign languages is one of the keys to internationalization, as to do so it’s nearly essential to know the language of the country you want to export to. In the [...]

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