Export companies, what are you waiting for to succeed on the internet?

UK export companies are in rude good health. The UK is ranked seventh in the global ranking of exports of goods and services. The combined strength of British export companies exceeds that of other powerful global economies like Brazil, India, and Russia.

To maintain these figures, it is also crucial to see them reflected online. In this post, we tell you how to begin exporting on the internet.

The key for export companies is to find a niche on the web

When starting to sell our product abroad, we must first analyse the market. This allows us to find out which segments of the population could be interested in our product or service.

For exporting companies, there is little difference between the online and offline worlds when finding out whom to target. The consumers are the same, but the ways and habits with which they consume on the internet change.

Find out how your potential clients behave on the internet! And, if you don’t know where to start, ask the experts in the target market for help.

What channels can I use to reach my target audience?

Just as export companies attend fairs and conferences, use advertising, etc., in their target countries, there are also various communication channels in the online word:

  • Social networks are a useful window to showcase an export company’s image, although they offer little real conversion. Maintaining a strong social media presence by posting content in line with the local language and culture is essential.
  • Paid positioning is quite effective if done well. To run a decent Google Ads campaign, it is essential to use clear language that adapts to the culture, as well as an impeccable proofreading in the target language.
  • Organic positioning. Users are increasingly trusting Google as their main source of information. Remember, adapting your business to sell in other countries largely depends on SEOFind the keywords that your potential customers are using and use them on your website!

Sources of web traffic

Set yourself apart from other exporting companies: tell a good story

Make your customer fall in love with your brand. On the internet, design and UX are the showcase for your business. A well-written message is the perfect sales pitch.

If you want to have an efficient cross-border ecommerce, you must write a convincing story, one that makes international customers desperate to interact with you. As an export company, make sure your copywriting is well adapted when translating for international SEO positioning.

The key for export companies

Find your niche, discover the channels, and lastly, use appropriate language for each one.

If you want to charm your customers, just imagine, you may have many dates throughout your life, but to turn those into something meaningful, there’s nothing like a good story. Tell that story to become top-of-mind, and you will sell more internationally. Also, don’t forget that every country has its preferred payment method.

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