SEO translation for hotels, or the importance of translating to attract potential international clients

SEO translation for hotels is a strategy that we cannot stop focusing on. In the age of telecommunications, for instance, the client no longer entrusts their holidays to their lifelong travel agent.

Nowadays, the agent is called Google, it is automatic and will filter the results through language. Tourism is not excluded, but it does have a different perspective to that of other sectors: SEO for hotels needs translation experts.

What are you waiting for to position yourself with a good SEO translation for hotels?

If in the last year you have booked a holiday entirely over the Internet, you are part of the modern norm. If you have not done it already, you will soon. The figures are there, and they are clear: according to the Minerva Travel Google study over 70% of both the searches and the reservations for hotels are carried out through online search engines. And these figures are on the rise.

We key into the search bar to find results for our ideal holiday. Today more than ever, tourism companies have an enormous opportunity to offer their services. That said, our dear search engine is selective, and we have to overcome it with the right words.

It is essential that these keywords have a good search volume and that they take into account the cultural parameters of the buyer persona, taking advantage of niche markets. All this, of course, structured in a clear and appropriate manner and using SEO resources.


Don’t just stay in England, your clients are abroad!

International destinations are hotspots for many people travelling today. This is where SEO translation for hotels becomes particularly important. There are now few tourism companies that have not realised that it is very profitable to sell on the Internet and advertise through Google with an international SEO strategy focused on international clients.

Through a good SEO translation that understands the target market and consumers, we will be able to appear in the top spots in specific searches.

Have you tried searching Google for “yoga hotel Spain”? This growing niche is just one of many examples in which there is almost no organic competition…

Trust in professionals who know the search trends, the customs and the language of a country, so you will see that international positioning for tourism is practically assured in niches and languages outside of England.


A good SEO translation for hotels is aimed at potential international clients

Carrying out an SEO strategy for hotels is essential, and today there are few communication agencies not advising their clients in the tourism sector about it. Remember, limiting yourself to the domestic market is a mistake that many companies make. Why wouldn’t you stand out from your competitors?

With a good translation that improves the organic positioning of your website, your hotel will be positioned in niche markets in various countries. Don’t wait for others to do it!

Would you like to travel together? Don’t miss out on our SEO translation service. 

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