Skipping the final proofreading can ruin the whole project

  • Have you ever received 3,000 freshly printed brochures just to discover a spelling mistake?

  • Or has a bad layout thrown the whole composition of your catalogue off balance when inserting an article at the last minute?

  • Has somebody told you that the video you’ve just posted in another language has an unintentional, negative connotation?

  • Or that you’ve left one of the legal requirements needed to release your product to market off the packaging?

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it could any day. Because approving a final document is a responsibility that requires knowledge and level-headedness. Something that very often people, under stress, don’t have when making these decisions.

Ontranslation is the ideal partner for our company in our internationalisation process. Having someone by our side that can manage the linguistic trials and tribulations of developing a product for more than forty countries is key to our business-development plan. Being in contact with a growing number of clients from different areas of the globe requires understanding but also quality professional management. This is where Ontranslation has been and continues to be a great help.

Raúl, Ameurop

If you send us your documents to review, you will enjoy:

  • The comfort of knowing that such a great responsibility lies with someone who is really skilled and trained for that purpose.

  • The help of linguists, typesetters and designers to check both text and form.

  • The choice of a clean version or with track changes. Whatever is more comfortable for you.

We love the customer service we get from the person in charge of our account.

Raimon, Giny

Ontranslation has been the Sagardi Group’s translation company for more than a year and a half. Throughout this time, they’ve proven themselves to be highly professional, quick and of excellent quality in all their work.

Aroa Bartomeu, Grupo Sagardi

The translation service of Ontranslation has always been impeccable. Both the quality of their translations and the friendly, personal service are unbeatable!

Verónica García, Reimagine Food

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