Translate YouTube video with professional audiovisual translators

To translate YouTube video, especially corporate or product-based, can boost your international expansion. When compared to written communication, using video content for your international marketing strategy will have a higher conversion rate and user retention.

However, many resort to YouTube automatic translation to generate the subtitles. But is YouTube’s machine translation and subtitling service effective for your company?

If you want to sell cross-border using corporate or product videos, do not skip this post. Let’s talk about the advantages of using professional translations for your YouTube videos.


The huge potential for Spanish YouTube videos

Spain is the second country in Europe that exports the most videos, just behind the United Kingdom. In fact, 72% of YouTube Spain’s views take place outside Spain, being their main consumers from Argentina and Mexico.


traducción de vídeos de YouTube - creadores de contenido por países


The second most used language in Spanish YouTube videos is English, followed by Catalan, Arabic and Turkish. In addition, a large part of the 10% of videos produced in France and Italy are in Spanish.

Keep in mind that when subtitling and translating corporate or product videos, there may be cultural and vocabulary variations you must consider.


How to automatically translate foreign language YouTube videos?

Automatic translation of YouTube videos is possible thanks to artificial intelligence. Google recognises the voice, transcribes it, automatically translates it and then adds the subtitles to your video.


Machine translation of YouTube videos can be tremendously useful in many situations. However, it is not without its flaws.

If you intend to sell a product or a service through international video marketing, forget about translating your YouTube clips with machine translation.

Why using professional translation services for YouTube videos

YouTube may make a mistake: to auto translate YouTube videos by producing an overly literal translation. This can lead to meaningless and even truly inappropriate translations. And you want avoid causing any misunderstandings or damage your corporate image, don’t you?

Another common mistake if you translate YouTube video automatically is using the wrong word order in a sentence. In English and Spanish, for example, the sentence structure is very different.

YouTube’s automatic translation will translate whatever it has understood and can therefore result in very confusing sentences.

Get your message across, without misunderstandings

Having professional audiovisual translators help you adapt your videos to another language is crucial.

Their in-depth knowledge of the target language and culture will ensure that your product or service is perfectly understood wherever you go.

Whether you are looking to transcribe, subtitle or translate or even voice-over your videos, you can rely on us.


Why should you change YouTube subtitles colour of your videos?

When you use an automatic translation YouTube, it is very common for closed captions to be visually cluttered.

Subtitles may cover important parts of the image and even the colour can be obscured by some of the video’s characters’ clothes.

However, don’t underestimate the importance of subtitle colour in capturing the attention and retention of your potential buyers from other markets.


Video accessibility: subtitling

Colour is one of the typical features of SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing). Customers value information that is accessible to everyone and not many brands do this. Poor translation affects the hearing impaired in particular.

Therefore, by adding professionally translated closed captions to your corporate or product videos, you will be reaching a wider and more diverse audience.


How to translate YouTube video?

Hiring audiovisual translators is mandatory, if you want to use professional videos in your international marketing strategy.

This is not about subtitles created simply by fans of a series or video game, We are talking about corporate or ecommerce product videos here!

Ontranslation professional audiovisual translation company can help you communicate your message without cultural misunderstandings, while keeping all your video’s visual aspects in mind.

Need professional advice on YouTube video subtitling? Don’t hesitate and contact us.

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