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Translation for international dropshipping by a professional translation agency is essential if you want to reach your end clients in international markets. When opening a dropshipping e-commerce, reaching a large number of users is the priority, since profit margins are usually lower when we don’t have our own products.

The advantage is that the implementation costs are lower. Dropshippers must have professional translators who can effectively translate their message into several languages.

Effective e-commerce content translation in online dropshipping stores can lead to more potential clients and help us convince them that our brand is the best. The cross-border internationalization of an online store undoubtedly hinges on its translation. Carried out by professional translators who know the sector and target culture.


Position your dropshipping e-shop through the language

When we use shipment triangulation, that is, selling other brands’ products as if they were our own, we cannot simply copy the description of other dropshippers’ products. We must differentiate ourselves, rewriting them in order to position ourselves in search engines.

Google penalizes sites with content that is copied or too similar to others. Thanks to RankBrain, they will detect which is the original website and which is the copy. Therefore, it’s crucial that you write unique product and category descriptions.

This may seem easy if we do it in our own language. However, it’s anything but: writing product descriptions with SEO for organic positioning on the Internet has editorial and stylistic twists that only those involved in international SEO understand well.


Persuasive writing and an effective brand voice that connects with our target audience, will lead the client to purchase in our e-commerce. But don’t forget the importance of micro copywriting or UX writing!


International dropshipping: made possible by SEO-friendly translation

When taking the plunge into other markets, as with our own, we must assess how to position our international dropshipping e-commerce through SEO. This can be extremely effective if we have original content and positioning: we’ll need a quality multilingual SEO translation.


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Connecting through the language is the key. For the transcreation of our texts we need a creative translation which isn’t translated word for word, but paragraph for paragraph. Considering the new context and target culture and using suitable expressions and outlooks.


SEO Translation Ontranslation


Only a specialised digital marketing translation agency with SEO knowledge will get your products into the top positions on Google in the target market of your choice. Keywords from one country are not literally translated into another. Nor is the message that consumers like the same.

Therefore, while an Anglo-Saxon country would write, for example, “conscious fashion”, in Spain it would be strange to speak of “conscious fashion”. They would prefer terms such as “eco-fashion” or “fair fashion”.

The way of talking about these concepts will vary greatly depending on the target or the place. Young people in Spain will certainly understand “conscious fashion”, as it is in English. But this might not be the case for older people.


A good message and international dropshipping translation will separate you from the pack

An effective e-commerce involves communicating well with the public. Especially if we’re selling products that aren’t ours. Other dropshippers may be selling them, and our wholesalers as well as suppliers represent our direct competitors.

That’s why it’s crucial to look after the language in an international dropshipping store, both in our own market and in international markets. In addition, if we want to position our content, it must be original and have effective keywords in the target market.

International dropshipping translation can have great results! Shall we talk?

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