Translation of academic documents: a must for your career

The official translation of academic documents is one of the many sworn translation services that translation agencies can offer you. Studying abroad really strengthens a candidates’ CV. It gives us different cultural perspectives and knowledge of a new language.

It’s all great going to France or Spain to study until you return to the UK, and the Government asks you for a mountain of documentation. But, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Trust the best sworn translators in the UK for translating academic documents who will solve your issues in a jiffy. Likewise, if you decide to start the international journey after having studied here. Governments of other countries are beginning to highlight the importance of certified translation of academic documents!


Why sworn translation of academic documents is necessary

In many cases, the translation of academic documents is not a choice. You simply must do it. One very common one is the accreditation of qualifications.

In Spain for instance, the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities requires anyone wanting an accreditation to get at least a legalization of the document with the Apostille of the Hague, (if you want to find out more about this they’ll explain it here) and a sworn translation.

You would think there would be exceptions for some languages, right? Surely everyone knows English by now? You’d be wrong.

In the UK, you must translate the qualifications into English, not any other language. This isn’t a peculiarity just in the UK. Most states will ask you to translate the titles into their national language.


Types of academic documents to be translated

During the translation of academic documents, you don’t usually work with just the state required documents. Legality aside, we highlight our academic career for a specific purpose. We accredit our degree in order to do a Masters or look for work abroad.

That’s why people often ask us to translate different types of documents when approaching us. Here are common requests:

Translation of certificates or academic degrees

This is the stand-out document in the translation of academic documents.

When people move to a new country, they want to prove their professional worth. They go about it by getting a sworn translation of university records, professional courses etc.

Translation of academic transcripts

We are often asked by people who are moving countries to continue their studies, either because they’re coming to the UK or they’re leaving for elsewhere.

Academic transcripts in different languages are often needed for cases such as study accreditations (in which you may also be asked for translations of the syllabus, or the teaching guides). It also occurs in cases where people, in addition to their degree, need to present their results, or their GPA. This is very common in the case of scholarships.

Translation of personal statements

In order to obtain jobs or university places, it is increasingly common to be asked for a personal statement in which you express why you want to be part of their project and state your personal worth. This of course, will have to be in the target language.

CV certified translation

The norm is to present your CV in the local language and with perfect spelling and punctuation. At Ontranslation, we can adapt and provide you with CV certified translation services so that you’ll be the envy of the other applicants.

Many people also need to translate samples of their work

This is particularly relevant in fields such as humanities or social sciences. Here the written word is very important, and even more so if your career is potentially academic (working in a university or teaching environment).

Although this might not be a certified translation, to translate written works could be key in your career such as translating your undergraduate, Master’s or PHD thesis, can open many doors for you.

Not many will read your “Analysis of the socioeconomic perspectives of the schizophrenic population in the community of Essex” in a language that they know little about.


Sworn translation of academic documents is essential

Relying on experts for the translation of academic documents becomes essential. You need a certified translation that allows you to showcase your qualifications and achievements in a different country. In this case, the translations are usually sworn.

However, to separate yourself from the pack, there are certain documents such as a personal statement, a CV or a research paper which, if translated, will help you to be the ideal candidate for an institution. We’ve got every detail covered!

Do you need some advice on what you need to translate to go and study abroad? Contact us.

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