Why are translation rates for legal documents so high?

When it comes to the translation rates for legal documents, many people don’t understand why they are high. Being used to the rates of regular translations, it’s normal for some customers to be shocked when they see the price of a sworn translation. Of course, like with everything in life, there’s a reason why this service is a bit more expensive.

Here are some reasons to understand the rates for legal documents.


How much does a sworn translator invest in their studies

Rather than asking about the rates of a sworn translator, we shouldadd a twist to proceedings. How about asking how much this person has invested in training?

Sworn translation is a very specialised profession, which requires a great deal of knowledge. To be a sworn translator you have to pass a tough official exam, in which you have to prove:

  • You have a university degree.
  • Your full knowledge, both oral and written, of the working languages.
  • You have sufficient legal knowledge.

Responsibility comes into play

A simple mistake in a text can be a reason to have to redo the document and even bigger problems that involve delays, payments, etc. And although this can happen in any type of translation, you have to understand that in legal texts the level of responsibility is much greater.

The texts sworn translators work on usually contain sensitive information. It involves the translation of contracts, notarial deeds, divorce petitions… No one wants to risk these things going wrong! And sworn translation professionals sign their translations. That’s why sworn translators have to take out liability insurances, which is obviously an extra cost.

What are the rates of a sworn translator? Just enough…

As we have seen, managing to become a sworn translator is not an easy task. That’s why their rates tend to be somewhat higher than other language services. In addition, a sworn translator takes responsibility by stamping each document.

At Ontranslation, we’d like to encourage you not to question the translation rates of a sworn translator, but rather the service they provide. And it’s a vital task on many occasions!

Do you need certified sworn translations? Don’t hesitate and contact us!

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