The 4 advantages of using a translation agency

There are many advantages to having a translation agency, since managing a translation project is not an easy task. Often the complexity of its management requires almost more work than translation itself. The variety of situations and areas involved in the translation process makes it advisable to work with a translation agency. The key is to focus on the management of translation projects holistically. You will cover: translation work itself, but also the revision, layout, voice-over, etc.

But if you still have any doubts, here are the five biggest advantages of having a translation service provider:


Managing a translation project: the more agile, the better

Imagine you have a document that you need to translate to several languages. If you had to find the different translators, contact them, send and receive the documents on your own would be crazy. Why not do it all at once?

A translation agency allows you to reduce everything to a single process, sending the document and receiving it. Everything else is the agency’s responsibility. This speeds the process up a lot and reduces management time.


Versatility may be the biggest advantage of a translation agency

How would you manage not only the translation of a document, but also its layout? And the translation of a script and its voice-over in a video? One option is to look for a translator, an editorial designer, a voice-over professional, individually.

Or rather contract a translation agency like Ontranslation. We propose a holistic approach to communication projects and can offer you everything without having to multiply your work. Translation, voice-over, layout… all in the same call. Surely an advantage, right?


Work with a translation agency and everything will be under control

If you decide to work with a translation agency you will have continuous information on how your project is going. Whenever you need it, you can contact the agency to check progress or to update information. Using a TMS platform allows any member of the agency to quickly and efficiently access the project to get any information.


The most important advantage of all: quality

Choose a company that is certified by the ISO and you will know that you have made a wise choice. You will be working with a variety of professionals: translators, proof-readers, linguistic advisers, editors, etc.

In addition, quality checks, both by the people involved in the project and by third parties, ensure maximum quality results.


The advantages of using a translation agency for multilingual communication services

As you can see, using a translation agency not only minimizes the headaches the management of a translation project. It also provides extra quality that ensures the applicability of the work. Thats why, at Ontranslation, we always recommend using a translation agency. A holistic approach to project management helps cover many disciplines, reducing time and costs.

What about you? Have you ever used a translation agency? 

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