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Our profession is full of intrusion, that’s nothing new. That’s why finding a professional translator can be a very difficult task. There are many false myths surrounding translation and very few people have tried to clear them. For this reason, we have decided to clear up some of the myths so that you can find a professional translator thanks to our guidance.


You don’t need a degree to go into professional translation

Thus read, it seems evident that very few people consider hiring someone without a degree. But a lot of the time, there are people who present themselves as experts in translation only having the knowledge of two languages nailed down to perfection. In order to be a professional translator it is essential to have a degree in this field.

There may be people with little experience, but even a translation trainee will always have the basic knowledge of tools, processes and translation skills beyond just knowing the working languages. Luckily, nowadays some universities have close contact with businesses.

For example, both the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the UPF count on us every year to give them our perspective on the professional environment.


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A professional translator can translate all of your documents  

There are many people that are quite versatile in the world of translating texts. But there’s no way that such a multifaceted individual can cover all the specializations. Translation professionals must be experts in a subject.

You could find a professional translator with enough expertise to able to work on a text on a subject they aren’t familiar with. However, they will need to invest time into researching the topic. And surely many problems may arise resulting in delays as the translator needs to find the solution to these uncertainties.


Anybody can search for a professional translator effectively

This is another one of the most recurring false myths in our field. Translation agencies are here for a reason, and we are dedicated to this. We know who the right person is for each job, and how to find a professional translator that best fits with each project.

It’s likely that we have managed previous projects with texts similar to yours. And no, all of this does not come from infuse science. We have dedicated time and resources to create an infrastructure that provides this service. That’s why it’s not easy to replace us! Translation companies work with standards of quality, professionalism and dynamism.

The right professional translator for your project can be found

Don’t trust people who don’t have a degree in the field. Finding the right professional translator is not an easy task. It requires time and experience. That’s why companies like Ontranslation exist. So the task doesn’t become hell! Obviously we charge for our services, but we ensure quality and deadline. And this (and our passion for international communication) is our reason for being.

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