Essential tools for a global Community Manager

Looking for essential tools for a global Community Manager can be a tedious task. With the need for this type of role booming over the last decade, there are a considerable number of applications on offer. That’s why in this post we are going to take a look at some of the most common tools for social media management for an international company.


What is a Community Manager?

A Community Manager is a key professional in any digital marketing strategy. They are responsible for managing social networks and making them grow.

A brand’s image depends to a large extent on its Community Management and its reputation.

Look at it this way, they are the bridge between a brand and its audience, and, together with the customer service department, will have the most contact with the public and clients.


What does it take to be a Community Manager?

This role requires great communication skills, both to adapt to the tone and style of the brand’s communications, and to be able to interact with any type of audience.

They must also listen to the audience and identify their needs. And, of course, their writing must be impeccable, with no spelling mistakes.

In terms of knowledge, although no specific qualifications are needed, the task does require the grasp of a series of techniques and processes.

For example, knowing how to implement a social media communications strategy, and knowing how to analyse results.


What are the key skills of a Community Manager in an international company?

More and more companies are deciding to take the leap into the international market. To do so, Community Management is essential. In fact, there’s no better showcase than Instagram and Twitter to put our name out there.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply translate your content to sell cross-border. The language of social media is more informal, so a colloquial tone is needed. That’s not to mention the use of current cultural references.

However, you don’t need to increase the size of your team. Translation agencies can adapt your domestic content to other markets. We are, to put it simply, an essential tool for global Community Management.

At Ontranslation, we can help you with your writing tasks in other languages, from your blog to social media, thanks to our copywriting service. With us, you can rest assured that you’re sending the right message on social media for your international audience.


What are the essential Community Management tools?

The work of a community manager requires great organisation, planning, and social media monitoring. Therefore, these professionals need to turn to different platforms to do their job effectively.

Let’s take a look at some of the tools that every international Community Manager should try at least once.


Tools for content management

Creating quality and value content is one of the main tasks and skills of a Community Manager in an international company. And we’re not just referring to written content, we also mean visual content.

Although they don’t always manage visual aspects, they may do from time to time. When they do, these are some of the tools that can help them:

  • Canva: a website where you can easily create infinite designs for all types of platforms with professional results. The best part is that it includes predesigned templates.
  • Clipchamp: this is an intuitive tool for editing videos. You don’t need any previous editing experience to achieve great results.
  • Unfold: an essential tool for Community Managers who want to make stories with original designs.
  • Preview: allows you to preview how photographs will look on your Instagram feed before posting them.


Tools for social media management

Managing different social networks can become quite chaotic, especially if you are following different strategies according to which market you are targeting.

So we don’t drive ourselves crazy with countless alarms reminding us to post, the following platforms are vital:

  • Buffer: a great content management tool for social media. With Buffer, you can schedule posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, among others, so you don’t have to stay on top of posting every day.
  • Metricool: more comprehensive than Buffer, this tool allows us to schedule content on the main social networks. It also allows us to monitor the results of our actions. We love working with it.


Tools for analysing results

Social media monitoring is essential for understanding how our strategy is working.

The one essential tool above all others that all Community Managers in international companies must have is Google Analytics. It allows us to view the status of our website and know where all traffic reaching it comes from.

If we know which countries the visits to our website come from, we can improve the way we interact with our audience, expand our business into other markets, and obviously, optimise our content if we are not reaching who we are targeting.

Other analytics powerhouses include Twitter Analytics and Facebook Business Suite.


Other useful Community Management tools

There are other tools that collect other types of data, allowing us to improve our statistics. This is the case with:

  • Firmick: selects the data from our Facebook and Instagram pages and analyses and optimises them. What’s interesting about this is that it allows us to compare ourselves to the competition and adapt our strategy internationally.
  • Ritetag: not a tool for analysing our social networks, but for seeing how dated the hashtag we want to use is. A must for a global Community Manager who doesn’t live in their target country.
  • Moz: makes us aware of the quality of our content, showing us our Domain Authority (DA). And how can this help us? It allows us to improve it and find out what we should be sharing on social media.


I want to be a global Community Manager!

Ultimately, there are many essential tools for community management. The trick is to try out which ones best fit our way of working and which offer the most comprehensive data about which markets we should target.

If you really would like to get involved with social media professionally, there are so many tools available to global Community Managers.

That said, don’t forget that for international companies, languages are also an essential tool. And, for however many machine translators there are on the market, none of them can optimise your content like a good old-fashioned human translator.

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