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Translation for communication and advertising agencies is one of our main tasks. It’s not a coincidence. These companies usually specialise heavily in the message content: what to say, on what platforms, using one means or another… But the majority cannot meet all their clients’ needs on a global scale.

We live in the age of the Internet, and nowadays globalisation is just a click away. This is why  communication and advertising agencies are so necessary: they do a great job in their native language, and here we are to proofread the content and adapt it to other markets in other languages and cultures.


Professional translators who are experts in communication

At Ontranslation we are aware of the needs that a communication agency may have. We know that language and communication are two concepts that go hand-in-hand. Leaving aside the graphic part, communication is basically linguistic.

Nowadays, it is rare to find a linguistics faculty in which some communication theory is not explained. Any translation or modern languages student will know, for example, what Jakobsons’ model is or some ideas from Roland Barthes’ theories.

We cannot separate communication from language. And this is why marketing and advertising translations must comply with the procedures underlying communication in this or whichever country.


How can translators help communication and advertising agencies?

There are many cases in which a translation agency is needed. These are some of the most common ones we get around here:

News and press releases

Given that many of these agencies’ clients have an international presence, in many cases, when producing news or press releases, they want these to appear in the press in other languages.

A professional translator will be familiar with the journalistic styles in the particular country you are targeting and will get the message across as well as it does in our country. Without forgetting the business culture of the country in question.


SEO translation

Nowadays SEO is crucial if we want to sell over the Internet. Communication agencies know this and they know that when a client has their website in various languages the SEO has to address all the target markets.

It is common for advertising and communication translations to need some adaptation with some new keywords and/or structure to match the cultural context of what and how people search in Google.

Blogs deserve a special mention. They are tools that are very useful for increasing the probability of being seen on the Internet. Translating the blog is usually a safe bet.



Many agencies clients sell a very specific product, in doing so they use fairly simple web pages with little content. By making little investment in the website creation, many of these clients will agree to translate their microsite given that it will not be a very costly job.

It is common for us to be hired to translate both microsites and landing pages. The latter usually requires fairly intensive localisation work (translation that changes the content in relation to the target cultural context). What usually works in one country might not work in another.



There are figures who have international influence. If a company, publishing group, etc. does an interview with someone influential, translating it can prove to be a very good marketing strategy.

Let’s think about an interview with Leo Messi: although it is done in Spanish, it is likely to be of interest in many different languages.

That’s why translation for communication and advertising agencies usually includes interviews with well-known figures.


Social media translation

Social networks deserve a separate explanation.

Due to the immediacy of the messages, they require a different translation process. More and more clients are asking these advertising agencies for multilingual social network management. And this is how we work:

  • The agency makes a weekly plan of the content to be published, which is sent to us.
  • We open a flexible project for this type of work and assign it to different professionals in each language. They will be concerned with this project at all times.
  • In the case of breaking news or urgent statements, we have a direct line with the company so that in a short time, all publications are translated.


Translation services for communication and advertising agencies

Whether it is publishing news, microsites, interviews, SEO translation or social media translation, communication and advertising translation services are  very common.

On our part, we love working with these companies, given that they are also B2B, they are usually very realistic about style and working times. And they love that we can help them!

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