Why should I have my WordPress in two languages?

Having your WordPress in two languages is a good decision. In the era of globalisation, in which most of us are connected to the Internet, multilingualism is a necessityAnyone can access your content, no matter if they are 3,000 miles away or if it’s your next-door neighbour. And that’s why we write, right? For people to read us and the more, the merrier!

That’s why having your WordPress in two languages is a window to the world. This introduction might be enough to convince you. But we’ll give you three reasons why you should translate your WordPress to at least one other language just in case.

1. Reaching an international audience

It might seem obvious, but many people forget the reach that multilingual WordPress can have. Because translating your website to another language will exponentially attract new customers. Consider who you want to reach with the translation of your WordPress, to have an idea of which two languages your site should be in.

The usual thing for WordPress is to have it in your native language and in English, of course. But it’s not always like this. If, for example, your potential audience is in another country with an influential language (such as China or a French-speaking country), you may have to forget about English. Or you might even consider translating your WordPress into more languages, of course.

2. Improving SEO with WordPress in two languages

A website that reaches more people is ranks better, that’s obvious.  Completely sure? Are you going to have more visitors to your website just because you have your WordPress in two languages? In order to do so, you would need a SEO translation of the content.

This way, the content you translate into the new language will rank in your chosen destination. SEO translation isn’t a regular translation, but uses multilingual SEO or multi-language SEO strategies.

Use keywords, entitle the pages in a specific way… A good SEO in another language will drive more traffic to your website and it will also make your website rank better in your native market.

3. Gaining credibility and reputation

Having your WordPress in two languages also means working on your company’s image.  It may seem silly, but translating a webpage into English, translating your website into French, translating your ecommerce into Chinese, makes you look good.

First, because local visitors will see that you are a consolidated company that operates in international markets. Secondly, you‘ll have credibility with clients from countries where the other language is spoken. We’ve already explained it to you: over half of the Internet users wouldn’t buy in a language that isn’t their own. Professional translation is mandatory in order to please your international audience!

WordPress in two languages: nothing but advantages

Having your WordPress translated in two languages may seem like a big investment at first. But if you’re thinking about the internationalisation of your business, translation is essential. You’ll reach the country you want, improve your SEO ranking and your credibility will increase, in order to attract more customers.

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