5 tips to increase your hotel’s online presence

Increasing the presence of your hotel online should be at the top of your to-do list today. Tourism is one of the largest sources of income of any country. Does that mean that anyone in the sector is going to get customers without lifting a finger? Not necessarily.  The days of traditional marketing printed brochures or tour guides are over (well, almost).

So, here are five top tips to make your hotel the king of the web:

1. Create a website (and localize it)!

As the website is a door, window and showcase all at the same time for your business, and, taking into account that tourism is inherently multilingual, an essential step is the localization of it. Do not forget that localization is done in order to internationalize, reach the public of the most diverse origins and make you feel at home wherever you are.

For this reason, to increse your hotel’s online presence, both visual and textual content of your website has to be adapted to the cultural and linguistic realities of your the potential clients.

2. Analysing your clients’ search preferences is key

International SEO and thus SEO translation, specialized in adapting keywords (that search engines love) according to the search preferences of potential clients, is an essential part of localization. Seo-friendliness is something you should not forget!

Online searches are not performed in the same way in all languages and cultures, keywords change.

So in order to increse your hotel’s online presence, it is essential to be prepared for this, otherwise your website will never be found.

 3. Social networks help to improve the presence of your hotel online

Forget the obsolete business cards, social networks have taken over. Social selling, or the purchase of products and services through social networks is now reality.

Facebook and Instagram will probably be your best promotional tool, given the ease in which you can update and create content and the great visual load that the platform has. On the other hand, Twitter is very useful to keep track of what people are saying about your hotel and to interact with your customers (whether they are future or real ones).

Interaction is vital, in whatever language!

 4. Create a multilingual blog to increase your hotel’s presence 

Create content about the city or the place in which your hotel is located, what it offers to tourists, how to fully enjoy its peculiarities. In short, make the effort to work with a content marketing strategy that takes you closer to your customers. In the case of using a blog, you will need to adapt the content to your audience culture and language. The key is to let your foreign tourists get to know the many wonderful things they can enjoy during your stay at your hotel!

Be creative, build and audience and provide them with great content.

5. If your newsletters are in the language of your clients you will definitely improve your hotel’s online presence 

The work schedules can be different depending on the country of origin of your customers, so you must adapt to that and offer activities, discounts, etc. according to their needs. A good way to do this is to set up monthly newsletters that are localized according to the lists you have previously created (by country, age etc…).

Likewise, it can help your clients to provide information to friends or family, increasing your business possibilities.

Increase your hotel’s online presence thanks to services of a translation agency

There is no doubt that translation and tourism professionals should go hand in hand. Any professional in the tourism sector should have professionals in translation and localization if they want to get anywhere. Trust your international marketing efforts to language professionals who speak the language of your clients.

At Ontranslation we are not talking just to talk; we specialize in translation for the tourism sector and collaboration is ongoing. Professionals must help each other. It’s either that or hopping off the bike.

Do you have a planned trip that you have organised without using the internet? Do you need help with increasing your hotel’s online presence?

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Es el CEO de Ontranslation y dedica algunos ratos libres a escribir en este blog para compartir sus conocimientos sobre internacionalización, cross-border ecommerce y Traducción SEO. No es para menos, ya que entre su formación cuenta con una licenciatura en filología inglesa, un máster en tradumática, un posgrado en elearning y un MBA. En definitiva, una declaración de intenciones donde la cultura y los idiomas se sirven mezclados, no agitados.

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