International content marketing: speaking to a global audience

International content marketing is essential for any company that has a global audience. You need to know who you are targeting in international markets and create quality content that connects with your audience, delivering a positive brand image and message.

Words have become a key element, and companies with the most striking messages are the ones that stand out. However, you must be careful about what you write in other languages if you are in the process of internationalisation! Global content marketing is key to your expansion into other countries and markets

What is content marketing and how it can help your globalisation?

Most people already know what we’re talking about. So, what can we do to stand out? Content marketing isn’t just about generating content, it’s about generating interesting content that brings value to users and makes them love your brand.

This means you shouldn’t blow your own trumpet! However, this doesn’t mean that we should never talk about how good our company is, but we must do it when we need to. Just won a prize? Tell us how you won it! Don’t focus your global content marketing strategy on your brand, but on the interests of your potential clients.



Define your buyer persona

Consider what you want to achieve with the content you generate. Try to link your audiences’ interests with those of your company.

Let’s say you own a furniture company. In this case, giving decorating tips on your blog would be a great content marketing strategy. This would give our potential customers added value as we introduce them to our products.

Once the objectives have been established, you need to have a clear idea of how to develop them. The profile of your readers should be of particular interest to you here. Analyse your buyer persona and address them accordingly. Your content and style cannot be the same for multiple audiences.

If what you sell is luxury furniture, you won’t communicate the same message as if you were selling furniture for small spaces. Likewise, if clients have a modern and simple style compared to a classic and elaborate style, for example. You must take this into account in your texts.

Analyse which keywords to use and generate SEO-friendly content

Content marketing allows us to enter the imagination of our potential clients. To achieve this, besides asking what they want to read, ask yourself how you will find this content.


SEO Translation Ontranslation

Keyword searches are fundamental to any content marketing strategy. They are the first step in getting your texts positioned in search engines. Once we have the right keywords, we can start writing our own texts with them. However, is it truly that straightforward?

The role of an SEO copywriter is not always appreciated. However, their work is much more than simply generating attractive and easy-to-understand content. That’s why we believe it is important to rely on this type of web writer as much as possible, as we will see a huge difference in traffic to our ecommerce thanks to our page’s positioning.

If we are talking about international content, we can’t take any risks! We can’t simply translate our texts. SEO translation is the work of professionals who know how to optimise texts for search engines, as they know the target culture profoundly. Only this way will our content seem attractive to our potential customers and will be well-placed on Google and other search engines.


What is content amplification?

Once we’ve published our post, we can’t just rely on SEO and wait for clients to access it. Global content marketing must be linked to an international social networking strategy. Through social media, we can ensure that what we write reaches more people, so try to share your content on social media, using the style that suits them.

traducir tus textos en Instagram


Choose the social networks that will have the greatest impact on the specific content of your buyer persona and your company.

Let’s be honest, Instagram may not be your first choice if you’re targeting people in their 50s with significant purchasing power.

Combine growth hacking strategies with content marketing and the results will speak for themselves!


Don’t just focus on content marketing in the local market

With good content marketing translation, all these strategies can be applied to foreign markets. Good wording isn’t exclusive to your native audience, and not mastering your target language can make things even more complicated. But there are a few solutions to avoid it:

Trust experts who know your international audience and can help you define it

A team that understands the international context we are aiming for will be able to communicate our international content with the tone and values that prevail in the original texts, adapting them to the cultural reality of the new language.

The easiest and most effective way is to turn to the services of a professional translation agency like Ontranslation. We can help you define the objectives and buyer persona of any company looking to operate in another country thanks to the cultural and linguistic advice of our native translators.

Develop a discourse for your audience

In many cases, communication styles change within the culture we are targeting. Don’t fall into the trap of just simplifying your international content marketing strategy.

To avoid it, turn to people who understand content marketing services and who know what can and cannot be said in different markets. As well as knowing the language, they also understand the context of each country, and can translate your content accordingly. On top of having your content translated, make sure you adapt it to a different global audience.

For example, the formal use of language in Mexico can lead to a lack of seriousness, while in Spain it fits with being professional and maintaining a certain distance.

So, call on the experts who know how to communicate with your clients in each country and use transcreation when necessary. Use a creative translation that translates your message more than your words, with which your readers will be engrossed. It is the small communication differences in each country that can change everything.


Prioritise your content marketing in all cultures

An international content marketing strategy that communicates your company’s values and style will set you apart from your competitors. Establish a strategy that encompasses the previous points, search engine positioning and is combined with your social networking strategy.

Remember that international e-commerce sales are growing each year. Expert marketing translation agencies work with the best professional translators. We push the boundaries by analysing international contexts.

Don’t get left behind! Go a few steps further in your international content marketing!

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