Outsourcing translation services for ecommerce: nothing but the success

At Ontranslation we are aware of the advantages of outsourcing translation services for ecommerce. However, we have witnessed a worrying and increasing trend. Many of our potential customers, ask themselves the following question: “why don’t you hire people who are theoretically bilingual?”. They could take care of the translations, international customer service and manage the social media in different countries. And it would be cheaper.

Well, not really! Here you have why outsourcing the translation services for your ecommerce is the best solution.

Outsourcing of translation services for ecommerce: product descriptions

Product descriptions are key to any online shop, but who doesn’t tremble at the thought of having to internally manage the translation of a whole new batch of references and descriptions?

The outsourcing of translation services allows you to do it in phases, without falling into unnecessary financial and time investments. Having the services of an expert translation team in your sector at your disposal allows you to optimize the process. How?

Focus on bestsellers

First, they will help you detect what will sell best and the quickest in the target market. Then you will be able decide which part of the batch to translate first. Are you really bothered about translating the description of that ‘thing’ that nobody buys?

Focus on the bestsellers in your catalogue and then, when you have achieved the expected ROI, go ahead and request the translation of the rest of the descriptions.

Translation agencies use CAT tools

Another advantage? When you outsource translation services, you have translation teams that work with the latest technology in CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software. These programmes allow you to create translation memories that collect all the original content translated so far along with its target language equivalent.

Your following batches of product are likely to repeat content, so your translation will be completed much faster and for cheaper!

Outsource the translation services of the static section of your ecommerce

These search trends allow you to find opportunities to stand out through your content that will be applied in the translation (and, why not, in the writing of new original texts). Achieving this insight can be an investment of time, but thanks to the outsourcing of translation services you will be left only with the benefits of it.

Another very important point to make on the translation of online stores is adapting to the target culture. Textual content is very important, but matters such as design or product offerings must also be adapted depending on the target market.

A professional translation team will help you to detect any details that may cause issues in the future and act accordingly. Failing to do so can result in extraordinary losses!

Customer service: translation of client messages

Let’s not fool ourselves; the customer service departments of online stores can overflow easily. This is what you have to deal with already with existing customers. So, if it’s already difficult to keep up in your own language, what are you going to do when you begin to receive tickets from international markets? The answer, as it always is in life, is the outsourcing of translation services in ecommerce.

Translation agencies like Ontranslation don’t just have a team of professional translators, but also online management platforms such as our native TMS. Using Translation Management platforms implies agility, and the team of professional translators imply quality, you already have the answer to your problems involving processing tickets and multilingual customer service.

Send us your clients’ questions, complaints, congratulations… and you will get a personalised response in your own language in less than 3 hours.

Social media translation for online stores

And the same goes for social media. If you’re a digital enterprise you can’t not be on social media. But just having your original profile content in your own language isn’t good enough, you will have to make the leap to the multilingual experience and start creating an online brand in all your target markets. 

If you really want to achieve a spotless reputation on social media, bet on the internationalization of translation services.  But not just to create content linguistically correct in any language of your interest, but to make them appropriate according to the network.

It’s not the same translating and writing for Facebook, as it is for LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. And this is something that your company must control 100% in order to make a difference on social media.

What are you waiting for to carry out the outsourcing of translation services for your online shop?

This is the question we’re asking you, but what you should ask yourself is:

“Is translation really part of my core business?”

That is to say “does it make sense to allocate a salary or several fixed salaries to it or is it better to invest variable economic amounts depending on the needs?

Our advice: don’t think twice and take advantage of the outsourcing translation services: an agency with expert translation professionals in your sector is priceless. Or yes, but how much would you be willing to pay for success?

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