Outsourcing translation services for ecommerce: nothing but the success

At Ontranslation we’re aware of the advantages of outsourcing translation for e-commerce. However, we have witnessed a worrying trend in recent years. Many of our clients (or potential clients), ask themselves this question:

Why not employ people who are supposedly bilingual? They could be in charge of translations, international customer service and the management of social networks in different countries and it would be cheaper.

Not really! We’ll tell you why it’s better to outsource translation services.


Outsourcing of translation services for e-commerce product descriptions

Product descriptions are essential for any online store, but who doesn’t tremble at the thought of having to internally manage the translation of a whole new batch of references and descriptions?

Outsourcing translation services allows you to do it gradually, without incurring unnecessary financial and time expenses. Relying on a professional translation team with expertise in your sector allows you to fast track the process. How?

Focus on bestsellers

Firstly, they’ll help you detect what your bestseller will be so you can decide which part of the batch to translate first. Are you really interested in translating the description of that “thing” that nobody buys?

Focus on the bestsellers in your catalogue and when you have achieved the expected ROI, go ahead and request the translation of the rest of the descriptions in your online store. Translation is also essential for dropshipping ecommerce sites.

CAT tools

Another advantage when outsourcing translation services is you are working with translation teams that use the latest CAT software technology. These programs allow you to create translation memories that collect all the content translated so far and the target text equivalent.

Your next batches of product descriptions will probably repeat content, so their translation will be much cheaper and faster!


Outsource the translation services of the static section of your e-commerce

As you have probably already noticed, professional translators don’t just translate. Firstly, they are experts in your industry, so they can help you analyse the competition and detect trends in your online store’s content.

These trends allow you to discover opportunities to stand out through your content applied in the translation (and why not in the creation of new original texts also?). This insight is usually a time-consuming investment, but thanks to the outsourcing of translation services you will just enjoy the benefits of it.

The localization of online stores must adapt to the target culture. Textual content along with issues such as design or product offerings must also be adapted to the target market. A professional translation team with expertise in your sector will help you detect any future problems. Failure to do so may result in devastating losses!


Translation of customer messages for e-commerce

Let’s not fool ourselves. Customer service departments of online stores are easily overwhelmed. That’s what you get with demanding customers. Therefore, if it’s already difficult to keep up in your own language, what’s the plan when you start receiving tickets from international markets? As always, it’s best if you outsource translation services in e-commerce.

Translation agencies like Ontranslation offer more than just professional translation teams. We work with online management platforms that make it easier to manage translation projects for e-commerce. If a TMS system is agile and the professional translation team prides themselves on quality, you have the answer to your ticketing and multilingual customer service problems.

Send us your clients’ questions, claims, thank-you messages… and get a personalised response translated in your clients’ language- within three hours.

Social media content translation for online stores

The same goes for social media. If you are a digital company you must be present on social platforms. Having your original profile in your own language isn’t enough, so you will need to make the leap into offering a multilingual experience. Start building your online brand in all your target markets.

To achieve a glowing reputation through social networks, opt for the globalisation of translation services. If you trust an external advertising and communication agency to create the content for you, we can also help you.

Not only creating content that is linguistically correct in any language, but it should be suitable for the channel. It’s not the same translating and posting for Facebook as it is for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. It is something that your company must control 100% in order to make a difference on social media.


What are you waiting for to outsource your e-commerce translation services?

That’s the question we’re asking you. Now ask yourself:

Is translation crucial to our business core?

Is it worth allocating a fixed salary or several salaries to it?

Or rather, is it better to invest varying amounts according to the needs?

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Our advice: don’t think twice. Take advantage of outsourcing: an agency with expert translation teams in your sector is invaluable.

How much are you willing to pay for success?

Shall we talk?

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